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  1. Contact Webmaster for problems with the website
  2. Contact the message board for help with a dog with back problems.   Feel all alone, have a question about your dog? Don't reinvent the wheel about home care... Too shy to ask a question, then just lurk and read.  We are a friendly group whose purpose is to make life easier for your pup and you! IVDD Care and Support Forum

How to post to the message board about your dog's back problem:

  1. Join:
  2. Tell us these things about your dog
    • What is your dog's name?
    • What breed is your dog and did you specifically get a diagnosis of IVDD?
    • What was the date you saw the vet and 100% STRICT crate rest 24/7?
    • Is there still currently pain - shivering, trembling, yelping when picked up or moved, reluctant/slow to move head or body, tight hard tummy?
    • What are the exact names of meds currently given, their doses in mgs and frequencies?
    • Currently can your dog wobbly walk? move the legs at all?  or wag the tail when you do some happy talk?
    •  Do you find wet bedding or leaks on you when lifted up?
    •  Eating and drinking OK?
    •  Poops OK - normal color no dark or bright red blood?
    • Are you doing 100% STRICT crate rest 24/7 only out to potty?
  1. Tape on your fridge:
  2. Begin getting an over all sense of meds, care and how conservative  treatment works until or if a surgery would be a consideration. Your dog will be depending on your skills to learn:

The Dodger's List is not just for dachshunds, all breeds experiencing back and neck problems are welcome.


downed dachsies
The first thing you should know is there is hope, whether surgery is an option or not. It is also important to know that in the unlikely case that your dog becomes paralyzed, she or he can still live a happy, comfortable life through the use of a cart.
Find a board certified surgeon: ACVIM Neuro or ACVS Ortho

This information is presented for educational purposes and as a resource for the Dachshund community. The coordinators are not veterinarians or health care professionals. Nothing herein should be interpreted as medical advice and all should contact their pet care professionals for advice. The coordinators are not responsible for the substance and content contained herein and do not advocate any particular product, item or position contained herein.
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