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About Dodgerslist

A note from the Founder of Dodgerslist, Linda Stowe:

March 27, 2019, Dodgerslist is 17 years old. WOW !!!!

Who would have thought we would be where we are today. Over 7000 members worldwide on IVDD Care and Support Forum and 25,000 following on our Facebook page.

   I want to publicly thank all of the volunteer moderators during these 17 years who have put so much time answering questions and helping those on our Disc Disease Care and Support Forum. They have put in countless hours doing research and putting together articles for our newsletter, website and spreading our message on and off the Internet. Without each of them, this just would not be possible. Thank you Dodgerslist Team for everything you do.

   Also, I want to thank all of you who are helping us continue our education for all IVDD prone breeds by telling others and passing out our free literature about the alternatives to euthanizing

   A special thanks to all the veterinary specialists, physical therapists, technicians and canine trainers who advance our IVDD community's knowledge with your articles and how-to's plus providing answers to our questions.

Linda Stowe created Dodgerslist because of a Dachshund named Dodger. Dodger had IVDD and was euthanized because of the lack of knowledge that conservative treatment IS a viable treatment option. When she heard of this sad story, she immediately went to work to create Dodgerslist with one goal in mind - save dogs' lives!

Sixteen years later, Dodgerslist has members from around the world on Dodgerslist IVDD Care and Support Forum and Dodgerslist Facebook page  We are also now on     

Dodgers and veterinarians
team up to educate on back problems
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This year, thanks in large part to your donations and subscriptions to our quarterly newsletter, Dodger's Digest, we were able to run ads in veterinary magazines and get our brochures into the hands of more and more neuro and ortho specialists and vet offices throughout the United States. With that has come increased awareness and increased support within the veterinary community for our quest. When all is said and done, what that means is that more dogs' lives are saved!

Dodgerslist Team

Keri Thomas, owner of Dodger, writes:

I was the owner of Dodger, and was completely uninformed of the options that I had for Dodger. Of course, if I could change things I would, and my husband and I have changed a lot of things in our house and lives because of this. If this list can help just one person save a Dachsie, it's worth it. I want to thank Linda and everyone else for all the work they are doing on this project.