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What'd You Call Me?

What do you mean I'm paralyzed and cannot walk?
Hey, are you sure you are talking about me?
I can go from one spot to another as fast as my brothers and sister and some times even faster than they do. Last time I counted I got two front legs and two back legs the same as the others.
Maybe my back ones don't work like my brothers and sister's do but I'm no different. I still can come when you call me, I still beg for my treats like they do. I can still talk to  you in the same manner they do.
But yet you say I'm different. I'm no different.  I can still hold my own with any doggie that comes along. I can still use the doggie door when you let me. I still can go down the ramp just like the others only thing is I'm a little slower going down. So I yell for you to help me up.  Not because I cannot just because you will come help me.
Oh now you're saying I'm different. I get to go outside in the front yard in my own little pen.  I'm no different, I'm just special.  I get to talk to all my friends across the street.  My brothers gotta talk to their friends and not really get to see them like I do. 
You see I'm no different I'm just special. Don't feel sorry for me I  don't feel that way about myself. I love the time I spend with my brothers and  sister playing. You just don't let me stay as long as I want. You say I'm  different and need to be protected. So you make me stay behind the gate more. 
I'm no different and don't treat me different either. Even if I never walk again  like my brothers I'm still the same doggie I was before and am today. You say I needed so much extra care when I went down and you were scared and cried a lot not knowing how you were going to make it through all this. Come on I was hurting too but I didn't leave you and never came back.
You say I caused you so much more work to take care of me. Well not any more than any other sick furkid at some point or another. You say it was so time consuming to do my  exercises not any more than you doing yours.  OH, I forgot you don't do any. But  just think I helped you to take the time to do mine. We sure do have special  time together don't we. You said you wished I walked again well your wish didn't come true but just think I don't feel sorry for myself.   I learned to go on. So  did you. You decided to get me a cart.  I want you to take that cart and give it to someone that needs it. I don't need it I can run from you and make you chase me down the street without that damn cart. 
You see I'm no different. I can make the fat lady run just like my brothers and sister can. I just want all  families that are going through this trying time to STOP now you will make it  through it all and your furkid is and will be the same as they were before just a little different.
But don't feel sorry for those that never walk again. Life goes on and if your furkid walks again be thankful for the time they do. No one  says they won't have another problem in their life time. Take one day at a time.  If you decide to do surgery or not. In my case I had the surgery and it didn't help.  My little foster sister had surgery and she is up walking but having  problems again as I type this. She will be fine as I will help her get through  this. She also don't think she is different just special.                                                                         
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