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Learning about disc disease
• Dodger's List readings
UC Davis on disc disease. Shows normal vs. diseased disc

Pet Strollers
Pet Strollers with an IVDD dog

Support Forums
DodgersList Support Forum
Handicapped Pets

Financial aid
Dodgers list of financial links updated 8/2018

For Paws/ Red Flyer FB -loan of wheelchair as long as needed. Warning: wheelschairs should NOT be used until all 8 weeks of conservative treatment or 6 weeks post-op crate rest have been completed.

Joey's PAW  501(c)(3) charity. Poey's P.A.W. will provide partial or full funds to dogs that are in need of a wheelchair or prosthetic.

Rehab and alternative therapy
CCRP Certified Rehab practitioners
AHVMA holistic vets

Harness for IVDD dogs
Collars are just to hold tags. Always attach leash to a harness. For any harness, look for pulling stress to be on breast bone not the soft throat tissue. Some examples:
Sure-fit Harness   
Easy Walk Harness
Noodles & Friends
Harness fit for IVDD dog

LIfe Jacket for water therapy
Petmyweiner.com %5 of sales go to rescues

Ramps (no  steps or stairs for IVDD dogs)
• High-density modular foam ramps
Ramp discussion



Do your research prior to buying pet insurance. Understand about IVDD "pre-existing" condition! If you don't, you can end up with a policy that does not provide the expected coverage.
•  Comparison fact sheets "A Vet's Guide To Pet Insurance"
•  Review.com insurance comparisons
•  Is this an option for your pet?
•  AARV has just released a newly updated version of its summary of pet insurance coverage for PT rehab services, current as of March 2017:

A professionally made cart is likely to be much better than a homemade cart in regard to pressure points, balance & stability. Be careful where the yoke/ harness sits on your dog, you do not want to cause pain or further injury with an IVDD dog. Check with your vet or other professional.

Features to look for in a cart

Do your homework before purchasing to find the right cart for your dog:

Eddie's Wheels Dogswheels UK & Europe. Similar in features to USA Eddie's Wheels
•  Dogs to Go! Under $100 for under 65 lbs dogs

Pet Mobility Rehab Center & K-9 Carts East

Ruff Rollin' Wheelchairs 

Seat belt
Ruff Rider seat belts

support & rehabilitation rear belly sling with built-in leash.
Walkabout front or rear sling/harness support

Vet Technicians
A digital library educational resource for vets and vet techs.

Rescue Groups who might take paralyzed doxies

Currently, 2018, with the economy coming back, still many rescues are full to the brim and strapped dollarwise. Reality could be a waiting list.

Coast to Coast Dachsund Rescue

Almost Home Dachshund Rescue
Dachshund Rescue of North America
Midwest Dachshund Rescue
Canadian Dachshund Rescue
All American Dachshund Rescue



This information is presented for educational purposes and as a resource for the Dachshund community. The coordinators are not veterinarians or health care professionals. Nothing herein should be interpreted as medical advice and all should contact their pet care professionals for advice. The coordinators are not responsible for the substance and content contained herein and do not advocate any particular product, item or position contained herein.
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