Financial Aid Links

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Last updated Aug 22, 2018

Keep this Info in a Safe Place for Future Reference – you never know when it will prove to be handy. Here is a list of organizations who can help owners that cannot afford vet care. A couple are for rescue organizations and homeless pets. Please forward this list to anyone you think it might help.

  1. Check with your local Humane Society
  2. Dollars for Doxies Facebook page  Assists with current vet bills and emergencies only added 4/2018
  3. Dr. Kay, DVM links and ideas for fund raising, many with phone numbers  last accessed 4/2018
  4. Veterinary Partner's list of financial assistance for vet bills:   last accessed 4/2018
  5. Credit Care
    No or low credit. Find out on-line if you qualify.  last accessed 4/2018
  6. Frankie's Friends provides financial assistance grants to family owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment. Grants are not guaranteed, and will not exceed $500 per pet, per household.  Reach out to one of our partenering veterainary hospitals to see if you qualify for additional assistance through our HOPE FUND PROGRAM instead.  added 4/2018
  7. Brown Dog Foundation
    To reduce unnecessary euthanasia of family pet dogs and cats.
    Specifically, monetary grants can be issued… to assist in saving the life of a domestic pet (cat or dog) during an owner’s temporary financial hardship, when the pet can be restored to enjoy a quality of life; to assist financially with the preventative treatment and testing of domestic pets (cat or dog) knowingly adopted with a pre-existing condition (cancer, organ compromise, diabetes, abused, old age, etc.)  last accessed 4/2018
  8. PawsLA
    PAWS/LA is committed to creating solutions for disenfranchised animal guardians throughout Los Angeles County who are facing the physical and financial challenges of caring for their companion animals. last accessed 4/2018
  9. Bialy's Wellness Foundation   Helps families and rescue organizations care for pets with special needs, particularly those with mobility issues from paralysis, amputation, neurological or birth defects, and other diagnosed ailments.  last accessed 8/2018