Conservative treatment

Crate Rest: Normal recommended time is 8 weeks to allow for complete healing of the disc. The dog should be evaluated by an IVDD knowledgeable vet or specialist before releasing to a slow program of re-entry to exercise.

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Only time heals a disc. Restricting movement of the spine in order to promote healing is a must. A healing disc jarred by the spine moving can rupture again, similar concept to a scab on the finger being moved too early – it breaks open and bleeds again. The hows, whys and what to expect in this road map to conservative treatment.
Drugs to reduce swelling and pain medications for comfort. NOTE: cervical discs are much more painful and can take longer to heal due to the neck moving when the other parts of the body move. Report signs of pain to your vet, so pain can be kept under control.

Caution: Steroids and NSAIDs must not be given together or one after the other without a safe washout period of 4-7 days.

NOTE: Prescription drugs and supplements all have potential side effects – do your homework and be aware of all adverse side effects for anything you give your dog. Mar Vista Animal Center

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