Signs of a back problem


Disc herniation/rupture is when the wall of the disc weakens allowing disc material to move into the spinal cord area. Pressure on the cord causes pain and loss of neuro functions such as leg use and bladder control.

Symptoms, all or any one:

  1. General indications of pain. (shivering/trembling, not wanting to move, not wanting to eat, yelping, tightened tummy, nose to ground if a neck disc)
  2. Weakness or loss of ability to move legs. (dragging nails, wobbly walking)
  3. Emergency situation: loss of complete leg use or bladder/bowel control such as finding urine or poop in the bedding or leaks when you pick up the dog. Rapid loss of function in a matter of hours is also an indicator of an emergency.

More information on the sequence of the disease and recovery.


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Illustration with permission of Spine Universe

Disc material escapes a torn (herniated) disc & presses on the spinal nerve cord. Can result in severe symptoms of leg paralysis and loss of bladder control. NOTE: human spine shown. The disc herniation process is similar in dogs.