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Supplements for the IVDD dog

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When To Start Supplementing?

It is best while a dog is on any prescription medications while recovering in crate rest, not to add any supplements that could cause any confusion about the culprit should gastro-intestinal problems develop such as vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea, or even gas. Supplements can cause those too and it would be important to be able to definitively identify the cause quickly in order to take actions to treat the problem. After all IVDD medications have been stopped, some supplements can maximize healing during this critical period in recovery.

The Key is Proper Balance
Ultimately, your dog will get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals by providing superior nutrition. Feeding your dog the best nutrition you can afford provides the building blocks to health and well being because the best quality vitamins and nutrients are those that come in unprocessed food. We believe the best option is to redirect money that would be spent on supplements to purchase a higher quality food. Here’s why: vitamins and minerals are best absorbed by the body through foods in their natural form which are more bioavailable rather than pills or synthetic supplements.

Be sure to discuss all supplements and dosages with your vet. Ultimately, the best scenario is to work with a holistic vet in concert with your regular vet.

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