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Clark's helpful supplies for crate rest

__ Recovery suite: Use a wire crate (rather than plastic or canvas)  for a less isolating feeling. The restricted area (ex-pen, crate, etc.) should be approximately as wide as the dog's length and 1.5 times the length of the dog's body... only enough room to stand up, turn around and when lying down fully stretch out the legs. Pad out any extra room with a rolled up blanket.

More important details plus closeup photos on setting up your dog's recovery suite.

Tamara's homemade lowering of crate roof to prevent standing on hind legs: Cut a cardboard box to the length and width of the crate. Punch holes around the cardboard edges. Use string or plastic ties to attach the cardboard inside the crate at a height that only allows standing up, but not room to jump up or stand on hind legs.

Option 2 to keep dog from jumping in crate. Drape blanket to head height of standing dog, so he can't see if he jumps or stands on hind legs.

Add crate casters to wheel from room to room. Available from local pet shops, about $10

Convert crate to top opening: Michelle' photos and instructions.

Alternatives: baby crib, pet stroller, playpen or an ex-pen which can be easier to get your doxie out of for potty breaks. 

  • Pet stroller reviews; Roxanna's adapting a Graco baby stroller. NOTE: dogs should never be left unsupervised while in a stroller. Please read all of the listed restrictions when using a pet stroller.

__ Monitor your dog with a spare IOS or Android device:     http://www.presencepro.com  OR    http://www.cam2pet.com/en/

__ Bowls: Raised feeding & water bowls that can be attached to ex-pen or a crate. Attach at head height. How to make homemade bowl holder.

__ Mattress: Soft firm mattress of some sort:
  • 2 inch 4 lb density memory foam mattress to relieve pressure points. NOTE: protect the foam mattress by inserting in a large trash bag and duct taping closed. Tuck in/cover with fleece bottom sheet. http://www.foambymail.com Check Walmart, etc. for human memory foam bed topper can be cut down and stacked for several recovery suite locations.
  • Pressure point relief mattress with urine catch basin: http://www.ultimatehealthypetbeds.com 
    The Ultimate Healthy Pet Bed.  "As for the review of the above mentioned bed.... I am using the inner layers in the bottom of her crate. On the occasion she has to pee, the urine immediately seeps through the material and goes to the plastic tray of the crate. This way she isn't sitting in urine. It is machine washable and dries quickly in the dryer. I am also lining the crate tray with a pee pad hoping that it will lock the urine. The inner layers that are part of the bed aren't something you can just buy, or at least I can't find a source anywhere else. I plan to buy a couple more of these as backups. They originally come with a cover but I found it wouldn't allow the urine to seep through fast enough, this defeating the purpose"  Jan 13, 2015 at 7:30pm  http://dodgerslist.boards.net/thread/2176/marcies-trixie-10-conservative-neck?page=4
__ Blankets and change of bedding: 100% synthetic (no cotton) Fleece fabric as a bottom sheet wicks moisture away from skin (have 2-3 on hand) and dries quickly. Inexpensive fleece throw can be cut to sizes at Big Lots, Walgreens 2/$10. You can buy fleece yardage at JoAnn Fabric Store or the like. This is a no-sew project as fleece does not ravel. Layer in this manner: Trash bag enclosed mattress, pee pad*, fleece bottom sheet tucked in all around mattress. *Use human pee pads as they have no scent to encourage peeing. *OPTION to disposable pee pads are reusable waterproof absorbent bed pads: reasonably priced, washable and last a long time. http://www.allegromedical.com/ ; look for children's disposable bed mats at your grocery store. Cut down the twin size to make several crate size ones.

__Constipation: Meds such as tramadol or post op after-anesthesia can cause constipation. 1 teaspoon of plain pureed canned pumpkin 1 x a day PLUS soaking kibble  with equal parts water for all meals can loosen stools. Hint: freeze in teaspoon size portions to use as needed.

__ Plastic weekly pill box and pill splitter: Some pharmacies provide the boxes for free if you ask when picking up your order. Pill splitters are inexpensive, much easier & accurate than using a knife to cut pills. Make your own med log chart to avoid double dosing or forgetting a dose, a safety measure in families where several persons are giving meds.  Learn about pharmacies participating in the "$4 for 30 day Rx" for many of the typical IVDD medications.

---- Diapers are NOT recommended. Dogs abhor being near/in their waste, diapers cause problems with skin. Proper expressing  is what keeps a dog dry and the bladder healthy.

---- Coziness idea:  place a rolled up towel or bolster to lean against or rest head on. Mary's tip: warm up in the dryer 100% synthetic light-in-weight fleece fabric to snuggle against.
__ Clean up: Unscented baby wipes for quick clean up on skin & fur. Marjorie's tip: boil and cool decaf green tea to dampen a washcloth, neutralizes urine on skin and fur to avoid rashes from urine scald + clean fragrance Use white vinegar in a spray bottle to kill the bacteria and the odor they cause on floors, linens, carpets, etc.

__ Harness for potty breaks to control speed and limit footsteps- no more collars as it is too much stress on the spine.

Do not leave a dog unattended in a harness.

__ Fence for potty breaks. Inexpensive wire garden edging fencing that pokes into the ground is a both good visual and physical limiter of sniff fests at potty time.


__ Sling support at potty times:

__ Liquids: Good thick low salt/no fat chicken broth is full of cartilage-building proteins and amino acids. Freeze it up into cubes for easy access as you need it. Fun and keeps the body hydrated: place cubes in a bowl for licking.
Normally these calmers are not a problem to help your dog relax in the recovery suite, but always let your vet know of everything your pet is taking. A  dog that is rambunctious in the crate defeats the purpose of crating. It is better to have the edge taken off  than facing paralyzed legs with too much movement.
        Using any oral calmer in combination with a pheromone diffuser seems to work best.  It takes several days for these to start working  Other product brands may be available in your area or on-line… just comparison shop by the active ingredient(s) and qty

Place a DAP pheromone diffuser at floor level where the recovery suite is.
 --Adaptil (DAP)  wall plug in diffuser 48ml http://www.adaptil.com/
Use a diffuser with one oral calmer from below:
1) ANXITANE® S chewable tabs contain 50 mg L-Theanine
2) Composure Soft Chews are colostrum based like calming mother's milk and contain 21 mg of L-Theanine.
3) Bach's Rescue Remedy is a liquid herb combo to help with relaxation
4) Plain Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) with no additional active ingredient added is an over the counter item. The wrong dose can have dangerous side effects, so your vet needs to prescribe the proper amount for your dog.  Avoid if glaucoma, lung disease, heart disease, some forms of thyroid disease, prostate disease or high blood pressure.

__ Music  Hours of Relaxation Music for Dogs Great for people too!  Here's the playlist for all 70+ "tunes" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVMjyBESt28&list=PL40E85E65ECE8C6FD  ; 10 hours of calming rain sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyTuslmSu_8

__ Crate Rest details - 6 weeks post IVDD surgery; 8 weeks for conservative treatment. Tips and ideas for implementing crate rest properly: http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/CrateRRP.htm

This information is presented for educational purposes and as a resource for the Dachshund community. The coordinators are not veterinarians or health care professionals. Nothing herein should be interpreted as medical advice and all should contact their pet care professionals for advice. The coordinators are not responsible for the substance and content contained herein and do not advocate any particular product, item or position contained herein.

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