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Recommended disc disease (IVDD) questions upon discharge

Once home, what symptoms might indicate that something is wrong with my dog's healing process?
What actions should I take if something goes wrong while healing at home. (Who to call, phone #, where to go, what to do).
What can I expect for follow-up communications with your clinic and for how many days? Do you or the vet tech call, do I call and if so, who & phone #?
What drugs will my dog be coming home with? Will you provide a pain medication RX? What are my options to change the dose up or down if needed? Sedative if necessary for calmness during crate rest? A stomach protector such as Pepcid AC if prescribing either a NSAID or a steroid?
Please go over all meds prescribed and the purpose of each and any adverse side effects & what action I should take if any of the side effects occur. Also, how soon after taking each can I expect them to take effect. (Ask for an information sheet for each medication.)
How long is too long to wait for a bowel movement? What action should I take?
What post-op/Conservative Treatment protocol do you recommend regarding crate rest confinement and any appropriate physical therapy during crate rest recovery?
If my dog can't urinate on his own, what number/person would I call prior to arrival to confirm my dog has had water 1-2 hours before the lesson on expressing? If I need another hands-on lesson, who do I call? Is there a charge? Reminder: I will benefit more from the lesson by reading the Dodgerslist article and viewing the video in advance: www.dodgerslist.com/literature/Expressing.htm To receive the best demo, have them place their hands over mine, guiding mine to feel the proper placement and pressure to apply.
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