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Disc Disease 101

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Free Literature
Educational literature to distribute wherever doxies are.
All literature is free. Our mission is to educate that disc disease is not fatal and dogs can live a good quality of life.

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Excuse me! Yes, you, the human. Hi! I'm a Dachshund and I'm prone to back problems. If you have a magnificent dog like me or know someone who does, it may be a good idea to share with them the important information in our free literature below:

Intro letter to print out for your vet:
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• 2x3"card for Dachshund owners, 2 sided

•2x3" other breed prone card, blank back


•3.5x5.5" Card Will You Be Prepared?


•  Combo: IVDD + care 
    tips. Good for event activities
•  General Info on IVDD and

•Crate Rest Recovery Process
helpful tool for vets to use with clients

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