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--Success Story--    


Coco Garcia

    by Claudia

I have a beautiful Rottie named Coco. She is now going to be 6. She was diagnosed with ivdd in May of 2014 it was one of the saddest days for us. I had never heard of ivdd my main concern for Coco had been hip displaysia since Rottweilers more prone to hip injuries. I thought euthanasia was our only option since financially surgery was out of the question.

Cocos Dr talked to us and had me see that although she was unable to walk she was full of life and wasn't ready to leave us.  Our veterinarian gave us hope and has been with us every step of the way. It took a while to see progress but we were hopeful. Some days were harder than others and anytime I thought I couldn't care for her anymore she would show me something that  completely blow me away.

It was 4 weeks into the treatment and I was feeling very discouraged because she was still not moving her back legs. I wasn't sure if we were doing the right thing for her or if the treatment was even working. That morning I went to greet her at her crate door and she was as happy as she always was. I left her crate door open thinking she couldn't do much so no harm in leaving it open while I went to get her meds. When I returned she was standing outside of her crate. She had walked out and was standing perfectly staring at me with her big brown eyes as if to say dont give up on me.

I never questioned the treatment again.  As she continued to get better I was torn with letting her be able to be a dog and keeping her in a glass box. Unsure if I was doing the right thing I let her be free to enjoy life. She had another IVDD flare up since then. After the second flare up we started acupuncture and laser treatments. The Doctor performs the treatments in our house which makes it very convenient and less stressful on Coco. As I write this she is currently on her 3 ivdd flare up. Her doctor has hope she will recover. She is so brave, resilient, and determined. Coco has been my best friend and thought she is going through this it has not phased her spirit she has never been sad she is truly amazing. Iam forever thankful she was brought into my life and as we continue to care for her if your in the same situation dont lose hope just be patient and give them plenty of love. Follow the treatment plan your veterinarian has for your pet  they will get better.