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Story of the Month - December 2009



By Coco Lindsey

Hi, My name is Coco Lindsey. AKA: Cocopuff, Squirty dog, Scooter, Boo Boo, and others. I am a mini- doxie, 4 yo, pushing 5, so my mom thinks. Sort of a rescue, from a young lady who had a toddler "girl" child, I think...
Anyway, I was brought to my Mom on the day her husband was buried, Nov. 2005. So she wouldn't be lonesome!! I was in dog heaven- no child pulling my ears and tormenting me. My only competition were 2 Guinea pigs she had. I tried to eliminate one little guy, just got a mouth full of fur, then they were put out of my reach.

Mother's day 2006 brought a little black runt puppy, a gift from my Mom's son- to protect her, he said. Now that thing was so small it could walk under me, and I'm pretty low slung!! Some protection!! Well, things went along well. But, the runt got HUGE!! 60 lbs, I'm talking!! But, we remain close companions despite our growing differences.

Well, around Nov. 2008, I started having some difficulty going up and down the few steps into our home. Mom thought I was being a stubborn "furbrat", which I am at times. But, that wasn't the case. For days I balked at the steps, and Mom had no clue I had a back issue going on. After a few more days, she could hardly touch me without me trying to bite her- I just couldn't stand being moved. I was still walking, slowly though. She finally, took me to the vets, as she was in fear off needing stitches, if things didn't get better!! The first vet gave me a Morphine injection so that I could get X-rays, then Dex injection, Pepcid injection . I went home for the night on strict rest, with Robaxin, Prednisolone tabs, OTC Pepcid and Dasuquan tabs. I went back to the vet the next day, to stay all day and continue treatment. I was feeling much better, until Mom came to pick me up. I was in a big plastic tote container, in her arms. I was sooo happy to see her, I raised up to give her a big face licking, when all of a sudden, the pain in my back was so bad, I yelped and went flat...Mom was scared. We went home and I rested in the crate all night.

Next morning, Dec. 3rd, '08, (I'll never forget that day), I came out of the crate dragging my hind end. Mom started crying. Then, got on the phone to the clinic that I had visited. Some nice man there said " Try Dr. Blanton", who's well known for his back surgery skills. Mom called, and off we went to his clinic. He was very gentle and kind. He suggested another x-ray under anesthesia, knowing I couldn't be still due to pain. Mom waited, and he came out and told her I was a good candidate for back surgery, explained everything and she agreed to go ahead. Mind you, I'm still zonked out in a back room, awaiting her decision. I had no say so, but I wanted the pain gone and so did Mom. They immediately started surgery, Mom went home straight to the 'puter. She learned a lot from a "Dodger's list", I'm told.

Dec. 6th, I came home. I hadn't eaten in days, due to pain and drugs. She had the crate fixed up with a memory pad thing and my beloved fleece blankies. Then, shecooked some chicken breast- it smelled great. I gobbled it up and Mom was so happy. That afternoon, Mom got up the courage to take me outside to pee. She had an ace thingy under my tummy. I didn't like it or the leash that I had never had to use before. But, I really had to Pee!! She kept my hiney up, a few steps with my front legs and I sank to the squat position. And what a relief to go pee!! You would have thought I was peeing a river of GOLD, my Mom was thrilled!!!

On Dec. 8th, 5 days post-op, I tried to wobble walk back to the porch, after a pee attempt. Mom didn't let me get there- the harness and sling thing holding me back from my usual flight up the steps.But, the back legs were trying hard to get me there!!

On Dec. 10th, I visited the surgeon- all looked well. But, I had yet to go poop and I was 1 weekpost-op. Mom had started adding some plain pumpkin to the little food I would eat, another suggestion from that "list". That afternoon, I pooped. Thought Mom was going to cry- tears of joy, I think.... Ooops, had a pee accident in the crate that eve. And one again the next nite...

By Dec.17th, 11 days post-op, I was walking on all fours, with minimal sling supportfrom Mom.. Never had a poop accident!!! Now, Mom never relented on the crate rest thing and I served my time- 6 weeks, strict. But, it all worked out. She made some wooden things to get to the couch, out the doors, down the steps, to the bed... They are every where!! I use them most of the time. Sometimes I get in a hurry, or I am trying to dodge the 60 lb "runt", and leap the side rail. Mom is not at all happy when I do that!!

Well, now it is all a distant memory. I can run laps around the couch
and the dining room table, with the "runt" on my heels. But, she never catches me!!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!
Love, Coco

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