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Story of the Month - February 2008    




Derek is my Cocker Spaniel, he is 5 1/2 years old. He is the apple of my eye.   Derek was taking by his previous owner to the Vet where my sister used to work at as a Vet Tech. She said she could hear Derek screaming all the way in the parking lot. The previous owners claim that Derek hit himself against a door. Then they said that Derek was playing and hurt himself. Well, after x-rays the Vet determined that Derek was kicked in the back. The owners were asked to sign him over to the Clinic or they were going to press charges, (which i think they should have done anyway).

Derek was not his name. My sister named him, Derek. Derek was paralyzed from the neck down. The Vet did not think he would make it.  They had to immediately sedate him because he was in a lot of pain.  Derek's evaluation was IVDD, acute paralyzes. Derek was to go for an MRI. Derek arrived at the Vet on May 12, 2002.   On May 14th he started to push up on his front legs. but his back legs had no feeling. Derek also had ear infection, eye infection, and mouth infection. He would do everything on himself because he had lost control of all his bowel movements.

On May 19, 2002 Derek was to be euthanized that day. My sister wanted me to adopt Derek, but we already had a Cocker Spaniel (female) and we did not know if we could afford all of his medical bills. On that day my sister and I went to the Vet to take our other cocker. My Sister brought Derek over to me. She knew I wanted a Black Cocker and had tried to get me a puppy a few week before. But the owner wanted too much money. Now I know why i never got that puppy. God had a surprise for me. I was going to adopt Derek. We brought Derek home that day. He was so scared. He had a rash on his belly because he would urinated on himself in the cage and had to spend hours like that until someone
came in the next day. I fell in love with him right away. He was on a lot of medications. Prednisone and pain killers. My poor baby had medication for everything, eyes, ears and skin. I bought diapers for him and my Mom cut out a hole in the back for his tail. He never tried to pull them off. I bought baby rash medicine and put in on his belly.  In two days his belly was fine.   After we had Derek at home we started doing Therapy on his back legs and within a week he started moving them. Within the mouth he was walking a little. I had a wheelchair order for him and canceled it.

Now 5 years later Derek is walking. He wobbles a little and has had problems with his back. But he is walking. He suffers from a mouth infection that has cost me over 5000 dollars. He gets these sore due to the fact that he is allergic to his own tarter. I take him for his dentals every year but he need them more often. Unfortunately Derek cannot be put under because he also suffers from hypo thyroid. Plus due to the fact that he was on Prednisone this past Feb he was bloated and gain weight. Too much to be put under. You don't know what I have been through with my baby. But I will continue to fight. He is a little better right now. But he has some sores in his mouth that cause him some pain. and it breaks my heart. Like I said he wobbles but he walks. He cannot jump and he runs funny and does not do it too often.  But he is trying. The Vet told me that the day might come that he wont be able to walk. I told him that I still had the name of the wheelchair company and will get him one.

Thanks for letting me be part of this group.

                                                                                       Yolanda and Baby Derek

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