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Story of the Month - February 2010



Winnie is our 7yr old doxie. She has always been very social. We noticed she was staying in her bed more, and wouldnt respond to us calling her for food and play. She was acting as if she was in trouble, like maybe she had an accident in the house. Slowly, she got worse and would only come out to potty and eat. Then right back to bed. One day we noticed she was sort of limping with her back leg. I called the vet and he told me he could see her the next day. Later that day, her leg was sliding behind her and the vet made room to see her. He took an x-ray and said she probably had IVDD. He told me she would need surgery right away, about 4 thousand dollars to start. I was in shock and knew I didnt have that kind of money. He said the other alternative was medication, but the results varied. He gave me a chart on the odds or meds vs surgery. It looked grim for Winnie. My son pleaded for us to try the meds, so we did. Then on the internet, I found What a great resource of information. They had so much info and answered my every question within minutes. So we began the crate rest. It was hard on Winnie but we made it thru. I saw that Winnie could still have a life after the crate rest and meds were done. After week 8 she was out of her crate and pushing around on her legs. Then one day on a potty break, I was towel walking her and she was trying to walk along. I would loosen the towel and she stood for a few seconds. Well everyday after that it was something new with her. Not only did she get around she started to pull her self up and would walk a few steps and then fall to a sitting position. And she was able to wag her tail again. Now she is walking and running as if she was never ill. We still cant believe it. If it wasnt for Dodgerslist, we might have put Winnie down and that would have been a shame. Winnie is alive and well today thanks to everyone at Dodgerslist. Eternally grateful, The Prugars

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