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--Success Story--    


by Rachael Jacovino

During the last week of May 2012 I noticed my 4 year old Beagle Lucky acting strange.  He definitely wasn't himself and seemed like his leg was bothering him.  His symptoms slowly progressed , he wouldn't jump up like he normally does and he didn't want to go up or down stairs.  After a day I took him to his vet.  When I put him in the car he screamed in pain, I knew something was really wrong.  His vet didn't seem concerned.  I found Lucky the year the before as a stray in my driveway and he has had other health issues (Lymes Disease and seizures amongst other things).  They said it was probably just his Lymes acting up and to give him some pain meds and antibiotics for three weeks.   They did mention IVDD but assured me it probably wasn't it.
After much research on the internet and finding Dodgerlist I quickly realized how serious by poor boy's condition was.  Two days had gone by and he wouldn't walk and his back legs were getting shaky.  I immediately called a Neurologist in my state and took him that next morning.    Right away they knew he had a ruptured disk due to IVDD.  They told me to leave him there and they would do an MRI in the next couple hours and call me.  I went home and they called to say it was a ruptured disk and they were going to do emergency surgery since he was already under.  This was now Saturday of Memorial Day weekend (I noticed something was wrong Wednesday).  That night they called to say everything went great and he needed to stay there for three nights to recover and they suggest that I didn't visit to not upset him.
As hard as that was I knew it was the right thing to do. My husband and I were a mess all weekend long after reading about how bad some cases were especially after waiting a few days.  Tuesday we went to pick him up and he walked right out to us.  The surgeon was even amazed how he walked in and still walked right out.  I was so thankful he was ok!!!
The next 6 weeks were tough.  He was on crate rest with no activities, on lots of medications, and we had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom.  After a week or two I sectioned off a small room and slept there with him so I could supervise him and he wouldn't be lonely and built him a ramp to go outside.  Even though he was feeling better to go on as normal I knew he needed as much rest and restriction to properly heal.  (He would try to roll on his back in the grass just a week from surgery!).  It was a rough summer but worth it.    We are so thankful that he now is 100% as he was prior to his disc problems.  I do worry about it happening again so I try to discourage any jumping and bought pet stairs (even though I still catch him jumping from time to time).  I also have a stair gate so he doesn't go up and down the stairs a thousand times a day.
I am so thankful for your website and all that you guys do. If it wasn't for Dodger's List I would not of known what was wrong with my baby and what to do about it.  I am forever grateful to you all and because of you I can spend many more years with my sweet boy.….