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Story of the Month - March 2008    




On the morning of Dec 24, I woke up to find my Hunter, a 4 year old, pie bald red, smooth coat Dachshund, dragging his rear legs. I called my vet (Dr Dykes, Foley AL) right away. He came to the office and promptly examined and xrayed his back. It was determined that he had a ruptured disc. At this point Hunter still had deep pain sensation. The vet promptly made several calls to see who could perform the needed surgery. Usually this type of surgery is performed by Auburn University. Unfortunately, the were closed for the holiday. I was referred to the Georgia Veterinary Specialists located in Sandy Springs GA (north of Atlanta). This was about 355 miles away. Upon my arrival there, the staff wasted no time in getting Hunter in. It was determined that he had lost the deep pain sensation. The surgeons told me that they gave Hunter odds of 50-50 that it would be a success. I consented and they operated on him right away. I reluctantly returned home, because it was Christmas Eve. The Vets called every morning to up date Hunter's condition. On the third day,  the Vet took him off pain meds. By Thursday morning, he was alert,and the deep pain sensation had returned. He was pooping by himself but he was having a little trouble getting started urinating. Once I expresssed his bladder, he took over. Currently, he is confined to his crate. I will begin physical therapy soon.

When I found Hunter on Dec 24, I was heart broken. I cried as so many others have. Your group helped me the cast aside my anxiety and answered so many of my questions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.



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