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--Success Story--    


Anna Marie

    by The Carsons

When we first thought about getting a dog we had to think about the life we are living. We decided to get a mini dachshund because we drive a tractor trailer for a living. They are small and loveable.

We found a breeder in a small town in New York and I went to pick her up. She was in a cage all by herself and she was scared and sick. I brought her home and a couple days later my husband took her to the vet because she had a hernia and an intestinal infection. She was younger than 8 weeks old and was very underweight. We got all that taken care of and also got her up in her weight. She was very healthy, and very happy.

She has traveled all over the United States and has loved being in the truck. I had to come off the Truck in September to take care of my daughter and nurse a knee injury. My sister her husband and 3 year old son were living with us at the time, when Anna got hurt. We didn’t know that it was her back. We thought it was her hernia that was never repaired per the vet’s advice when she was so young. I called her vet the next day and he told us to keep a watch on her and if she seems to be in any pain or cannot pooto bring her in. Well a week went by and she started to sit more then walk so I brought her in to see him and he told us at that time she had hurt her back. He gave her a shot and told us to take her home and in a few hours she would be better and to bring her back the next day and he would give her another shot that will last longer and she would be fine. So we brought her home and within a few hours she seemed to be getting better. Then we noticed she was starting to drag her hind legs. We went to bed that night and when I got up in the middle of the night to take her to the bath room she couldn’t stand.

I panicked. I called the vet and the office was closed and the number they gave on the answer service was no longer a working number. At this point she was in a lot of pain. I called the animal hospital and took her up to see them. That was when we got the bad news. They wanted $1300.00up front to treat her and for the x-rays that she needed as well as the blood test and a few other things to see how much damage was done to her back. When we told them we could not give them that and we were going to take her home and wait for her vet to come in, They told us “no” we cannot let you take her out of here. We cried so much that night, she is the best dog we have ever had and it was also our first dog, but that was the best thing they could have done for Anna and us. They did work with us because we could not afford to have the surgery done and some of the other treatments we could not afford either. They did do the treatments with the steroids and the pain meds as well as the stomach protection; she had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. In that time I thought we were going to lose her. I came home and did a lot of researching on the internet for any information on back injuries in dogs and to look for help. I got a call from the vets to take her home on strict kennel rest. That was a very happy day. I found Dodgers List that night on the internet and did so much reading. I looked at the videos of the ones in wheel chairs. I showed Tom how they can be in a wheel chair and how happy she can still be if she is going to be paralyzed after we let her rest. Also I found that they should be cratedfor 8 weeks and not six. They say it is tough love, well it is tough love for us not the dogs because it hurts us to see such a vibrant and loving dog that loved to run and play to have to sit in that kennel for 8 weeks.

I have to say now with all that tough love and the help and advice from Dodgerslist and the loving thoughtful people on this site we have made it through the 8 weeks with flying colors. With all the resting and the restriction of her movements and activities she has recovered very well. On December 25th 2009 she came out of her kennel all day. It was her Birthday as well, and she is now 3 years old. She plays, walks, runs after the lizards, and laysin the sun. She went for her check up at the animal hospital and ran up the walk way to every one’s surprise to see them, barking all the way. We still are working on loosing the weight and might have to have her thyroid checked when we come home from a long six weeks on the road. She is so excited to be back in the big truck to go trucking again. To anyone who has a dog with IVDD please listen to the ones who have worked through this. It can be done and they can live a very happy life. You don’t need all of your legs to be happy, but you cannot live without love in your life. Animals give you unconditional love and they only want to be loved in the end. I love you all on here.

Please do not give up on them. They would never give up on you. There is so much help out there it just takes asking. There is no telling what the future is but it is a lot better to have her wake up and wash my face and see the smile in her eyes. We love you Anna….