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Story of the Month - April 2008    



I was at work at the end of July when I got a call from my husband. He said that he was walking in the door to the vet with our girl Lacey- that she was shaking and seemed to be in a lot of pain. They ran tests, and told him that she seemed to have a lot of gas in her system, gave her a shot and anti-inflammatory and sent her home. A few days later we were back in the vets office-same symptoms. Several trips later we finally took her to our vet, with the x-rays and were told she has calcified discs on her spine. She was dragging her left leg at this point, but could still get around. In October we began acupuncture, and with each treatment she seemed to get worse. Five treatments later we were sent home with the words playing over and over in my head, “I wish I could save them all, but I can’t. She is not showing any progress, and I suggest either a cart or put her to sleep.” At this point she could no longer walk. She was on steroids, muscle relaxers, pain meds, vitamin c, antibiotics, and she was a zombie most of the time. We couldn’t stand to see her in pain, and I thought that we were going to put her down- for her own good. My husband told me that I had 30 days to help her get better, and if she wasn’t better, we would have to put her to sleep- it wasn’t fair for her to be in so much pain!

So I began to search online for information, and came across the Dodger’s list. I posted my story, and right away got an overwhelming amount of responses! I had people contacting me by email, and I was told that she could recover, that there was hope, and was given strict instructions which I followed. The crate rest was probably the most valuable information given. Only out to potty, no walking-no playing. None of the vets told us about crate rest. Lacey was allowed to roam free before she went down, and had slept with us every night since she was a pup, so it was not an easy task. It was so hard! Every time I had a question or problem, someone was there to cheer us on, encourage us, or just be there.

The first five weeks, we didn’t see much progress. The first thing that happened was her deep pain sensation returned. I was so happy—I couldn’t believe it! I pinched her toes and she turned and looked at me like “what ARE you doing!” Then, right before Christmas, I found her standing in her pen, wagging her tail. Slowly- she started to take a step here and there. We stopped her pain meds on the official last day of eight weeks crate rest—and held our breaths.

Lacey was still on the steroids after eight weeks, so I decided to keep her in another month while we weaned her off. Then—it happened. A few days after she finished her steroids, I let her out of her pen, and Lacey walked…yes…my little girl, that at one time couldn’t even hold her balance to stand…walked. No surgery, just wonderful instruction from people who have been there. Now she is back to enjoying her life, when six months ago we didn’t think we would have her with us, much less have her back to her self again!

I give all Glory to God for healing Lacey. She truly is a miracle in my family’s eyes. I thank God for sending me the angel’s from Dodger’s List. I believe you will be rewarded for your kindness and dedication. I will never be able to thank everyone enough for giving Lacey back her life.

                                                                                                                                                               Kristy and Lacey

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