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Story of the Month - August 2007    




I am a subscriber to Dodgers' Digest and am very thankful that there is such a wonderful newsletter.  As I read the stories about doxies overcoming IVDD, I couldn't help thinking thank heavens that has never happened to any of our three doxies. Then last March, it happened to my little Bessie, the sweetest and happiest doxie I have ever owned.  I knew something was wrong with her the evening before, as she was just lying around and she let out a cry when she was picked up. The next morning, when she tried to walk, she fell, cried, and could no longer use her hind legs or wag her tail. She could only drag herself around like a little seal and I was just beside myself with worry and grief. This was my little girl who loved life so much that her tail never stopped wagging – until now. However, it was because of the Dodgers' Digest that I knew what was happening and that my window for her recovery was a small one, there was no time to waste.

My vet made a referral and we were off to the Veterinary Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Within three hours, the myelogram was done and Bessie was in surgery under the capable care of Dr. India Wood. Dr. Wood was wonderful. She spoke to me before the myelogram explaining the procedure; she called me after it was completed with the results and that they were ready to go into surgery; and again she called me as soon as Bessie was in recovery. I cannot say enough about Dr. Wood and the staff. Actually, I felt that the animals at this clinic received better care than people in some hospitals. Bess was released two days later and that's when my life changed. It was like having a newborn baby at home again. She couldn't walk or urinate on her own. I had to sling walk her, which she hated, and had to learn to express her bladder. I was so afraid I would hurt her, I couldn't do it and I cried and cried for fear she would get a urinary tract infection. One of the nurses at Buffalo Grove told me to relax, I COULD do it, and things would get better. And it did! But then I found support. I signed on to the Dodgers' List on Yahoo and read and read. It was comforting to find so many in the same situation, experiencing the same grief, worry and disbelief that this had happened to our babies Well, within two weeks, Bessie had grown from a newborn to a toddler. She had begun to walk, I was constantly running after her, and the house after 25 years, again was full of baby gates. The day I noticed her trying to scratch her ear with her hind leg was like watching a miracle happening.

It is now almost three months since her surgery and she is doing wonderfully. A little wobble to her and she doesn't have all the strength in her hind legs as she did, but she walks, runs, plays and again wags her tail non-stop. I love my little Bess as we all love our doxies, and I will always be constantly grateful to all who helped her and me through this life changing experience.

Thank you for Dodger Digest as I have truly learned so much about doxies, and my heart goes out to everyone else living this experience.

                                                                                  Donna Gescheidler

                                                                                  Hammond, Indiana


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