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--Success Story--    



    by Chrissy DeRado

I woke up one morning April 1st 2010 and I could not find Chaos, my female dachshund. I looked under my bed and there she was shaking. She couldn't move she was in horrible pain I didn't know what was wrong. I called the vet and brought her in. Chaos hated this vet maybe I should of listened to her. He said you may want to think about putting her down or surgery. He gave me predisone and sent us home. I called a friend who told me about Dodgerslist. She told me I needed to crate rest her and find a new vet. She explained to me what I needed to do since she went through the same thing with her dog Joey. We found a new vet she got a shot of Dex, pain meds and crate rest. BTW Chaos has tried to bite every vet she has gone to except Dr Gregory. She even lets him pick her up. Great sign!

After a month of crate rest she began to feel better she still had no bladder control but by the 2nd month she started to regain some control. We did therapy everyday. I moved her legs gently. I made her crate safe and made sure she had support for her back and placed a small rolled up towel under her neck. This seemed to make her a bit more comfortable. I hand fed her when she was too weak to move. I gave her vitamins and good food with less fillers. She loves fruits and veggies for snacks like carrots, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin, cucumbers, watermelon, apples, pineapple, small amounts (but no grapes or avocados, or mushrooms these are toxic to dogs) I feed her Rachael Ray's Dog food (chicken flavor) Then one day she started to stand and after two weeks she started to walk not very good but sort of like a drunk walk. I moved to a new place where there were 5 outside cats who would come around when I would walk Chaos with a sling. She loves Cats! Chaos lost the use of her legs for five months! Lots of love and the cats seemed to motivate her to walk again. Plus she is a tough little girl....all 10 pounds of her!

She has recently gone blind and takes bladder control meds. But Chaos is going to be 14 years old June 2011. She loves to play with toys, chew bones, have her doxie friend Roxy over ( so she can show her she is still the boss), She likes sit in the sun with the cats outside and of course nap with anyone who will let her cuddle. Most of all she still loves FOOD! So I have to baby proof the house. She will find and eat anything! So being blind doesn't stop her. She is learning to get around now without bumping her head. "I yell watch out" if I see her heading into something and she stops. She is smart and funny LOL

I play in an all female band called Someday Souvenir my lead singer has three dachshunds my other guitarist has one Roxy.... all because they fell in love with my Chaos girl! We have 5 band dachshunds. Chaos, Roxy, Phoenix, Moose, and Avery.

I think surgery maybe be right for some but since Chaos was older I felt my best option was to try a more natural way. It took lots of time and love but she is doing well today! I'm so glad I didn't listen to the first vet and found Dodgerslist without it Chaos would not be around today!

Thanks for your help!!