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Story of the Month - December 2005    



Dear Friends. My name is Colleen Burgener, I live in Tomahawk WI. I wanted to write to you about my black and tan female doxie. Her name is George. I have 6 doxies, but George is my baby. On the 26th of Oct she blow a disc bad! She and I were going to go feed my pigeons, like we do every morning. I let George out the door, and she took off like she always does. She got about half way to the coop, and I heard a yelp, and I looked at her. She could not pick up her self up. So I immediately took her to my vet where he did X-rays and gave her a shots of steroids. He told me that I should take her to Appleton WI. ASAP! I had my Grandson, and his mom was not coming until the next morning to pick him up. The next day(28th) I did not take her back to my vet and instead I called Appleton, and told them I would be there at around 2:30, 3:00 pm. When I did get there, they looked at George, and she had no feeling in her toes. The doctor told me George would only have a 30 to 10% pushing more to the 10% that she would ever walk if they did the surgery. She left the room so my Husband and I could decide what we were going to do. I just put my arms around George, closed my eyes. I then prayed to God, and asked him what I should do. Then the strangest thing happened, that went through my body, and a voice in my mind said, DO IT! DO THE SURGERY! I then stood up, and told my husband that we are having the surgery done on her. The doctor came back in the room, and before she could say a word, I told her to do the surgery. She then whisked her right into surgery. We paid the $3000 down and we drove the 3 hours back home, and I could not stop crying. The doctor called us at 9:00 pm, and said the surgery all went well. She told me every thing she did to George, and we would not know anything about her until morning. I could not sleep all night long. I have never went to bed with out my George laying by my side. The next morning (Oct 29th) the doctor called about 8:00 am, and said that George has feeling in her toes, and this was encouraging news. My husband was the one who took this call, and he ran down to the pigeon coop where I was. He told me ever thing the doctor said about my baby girl, and that she has feeling in her toes. I dropped to my knees, and just cried so hard. Then on Sunday (Oct 30th) they asked if I was going to come and see George. I said, No!. If I come and see her, and then leave without her, she will freak out! I said that I would be there

Monday(Oct 31st) to pick her up. When we got there Monday morning, George was so happy to see me. I said that I would be doing all therapy at home and that is what I did. I made her swim in the tub 3 times a day, help her walk back and fourth in the living room, ect. On the 10th(Oct7th) day after her surgrey she walked all by herself. She was wobbly, but she did walk! I was so proud of my girl, that I just cried my eyes out. The next day she went poop and pee all by her self. "MAN!" That was the most beautiful thing to see. Yes, I cried again! She has been getting stronger every day. It has been a little more then 2 weeks since she had her surgery. This is the first time I have ever had a dog that went down on me this bad. Please if you have a Doxie that had back surgery, or if a doctor tells you that they only have a little % chance to walk again, if you can, have the surgery done, and don't give up. I told my Doctor to NEVER under estimate a doxie. George sure showed that doc how much will she has. They are tough, and they have the will to go on with life. People kept telling me that it would be 6 months, a year, or a year and a half before she would walk. But my George was walking in 10 DAYS! She goes everywhere with me, and for her to have to stay in the house while I go would have just killed her. So, I knew she would walk sooner then what people were telling me. I hope my story can help someone. I sent George's Story to a lady named Linda that has a site for people that have doxies with back proplems, and to tell them never give up on a doxie. I hope George has gave any of you HOPE! They are not like any other dog. Thanks for reading George's story. Please pass this story on to anybody, if you would like. I have 6 doxies, Why would this happen to my baby? I'm just so glad that God was listening to me that day! Take care. Give your babies a hug, and kisses every day, Because as you know, They could be gone tomorrow!

                                                          Colleen & George
PS. The bill was about $3700.00 and it was worth ever penny too!



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