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Story of the Month - December 2006    




My little 8 yr. old wire Xena went down early on a Tuesday morning. We had adopted Xena a mere 11 months through Canadian Dachshund Rescue.

While home at noon time the day before, I observed she was acting strangely & walking very stiff. Knowing what we know about this breed, I scooped her up & raced to my vet. Since x-rays revealed nothing, we were prescribed pain medication & anti-inflammatories. I kept her very quiet the rest of the day & evening, but upon waking early Tuesday morning, I knew immediately she was in distress. She yelped out in pain, peed on my bed & when I set her down, she fell sideways. My husband coddled her while I was on the phone to our vet, who instructed us to come right in (it being 6:30 a.m.), he was at his practice doing early morning rounds.

A quick assessment told him all he needed to know & we quickly discussed our options. First a myelogram to pinpoint the exact problem & surgery if required. We rushed to the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital, where she underwent the myelogram & discovered a ruptured disc between the L3-L4 vertebrae. She went immediately into surgery.

I am thrilled to report - she is going to make a full recovery. She has complete control of her bodily functions & is walking. And is being discharged later today.

The surgeons feel quick diagnosis & treatment were the key in Xena's positive outcome. While she will be on very restricted activity the next 8 weeks, they see no reason why she won't live a very long & healthy life.

I cannot believe the support we have received from the "dachshund community", CDR members, CDR adopters (two of whom here have gone through the exact same ordeal), fosters, breeders through e-mails, phone calls - it has been overwhelming. I want to thank each & every one from the bottom of my heart.

I feel we need to continue to stress, especially to our potential adopters, that 1 in 4 dachshunds will suffer from a back issue at some point in their life. (like it says on our website). And are they prepared financially & emotionally to deal with the outcome, should that ever happen.

As I mentioned above, we've been blessed with Xena for 11 months - I was not prepared to say good-bye to her just yet.

                                                                                                                                        Charlotte Estabrooks
                                                                                                                                        Charlottetown, PEI

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