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Story of the Month - December2008  



Dahti had her surgery on 7/2/2008 after unsuccessful conservative treatment. The damage was in the area of #5&6 in her neck. The procedure was done throuth her throat. Dr. Blaine Burkert did the surgery, the same surgeon that performed our Chickie's delicate bladder stone removal two years ago and removed a cancerous tumor from our little Mosh last year. He is an excellent doctor and we trust him and his abilities totally.

Dahti went through the usual eight weeks of crate rest. We only let her out for potty breaks. She seems to have recovered to about 95% of her usual self. She is always ready to get out and play and visit with the rest of the group. We have a 7 month old guy so we keep them seperated until the little guy gets older and begins to calm down. He & Dahti tend to roughhouse and I don't want her to be too active too soon. Dr. Burkert told us we should not treat her like a porcelain doll, that we have to let her play and explore. That is so hard to do though.

Update 11/21 - Dahti is still doing very well. For a few weeks after crate rest we thought she was having blance problems and a little weakness in both her front & back legs. She had problems changing directions while interacting with the other dogs but that has seemed to have gone away with time and exercise.

Kevin Benner - Florida



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