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Story of the Month - February 2003    



On May 11, 2002, the evening before Mother’s Day, Nugget jumped out of my car and blew a disk in her back. She was newly pregnant, four weeks, and this may have contributed to the injury due to her ligaments, etc, loosening up. She almost immediately put herself into a sitting position and didn’t want to walk, so I knew she had hurt herself. I called my chiropractor, who told me to bring her in on Sunday, and she found a nasty spot in the middle of her back. She did the adjustment gently, with a tool, and Nugget was so happy she started “talking” to us. Two days later she was adjusted again, but an hour later her back started going into spasms. I put a cold pack on her back and lay her on an orthopedic pillow; she finally relaxed, the spasms quit, and she went to sleep with her head in my hand.
The next morning I took Nugget to a holistic vet for acupuncture. She was walking at this point. He did say that many times they regress before they get better. The next afternoon when I got home from work, I found that Nugget could not walk at all. I couldn’t get the holistic vet on the phone, so I took her to my regular vet, who did x-rays, an ultra sound to confirm the pregnancy, and then sent me to see the back specialist, who wanted to do surgery the next morning. After questioning him for quite awhile, I decided that we would not do the surgery, at least with this doctor. I had the holistic vet reassess her the next day and tell me whether we should do surgery, or keep on with the acupuncture. He felt we were taking adequate steps with the acupuncture. Others encouraged me to stay with it, also.
A week after we started the acupuncture, Nugget wagged her tail. A few days later she got bowel and bladder control back. The third week she tried to propel herself with her left rear foot, a sign that movement was coming back. I was thrilled!
Four weeks after Nugget’s injury she walked. I had been doing some water therapy with her, in addition to her getting acupuncture twice a week for those weeks. I was giving her 1500mg of Esther C per day, 400 IU Vitamin E, and other supplements to help the healing. Her pups were born via C-section on June 13, and Nugget was lighter and more able to get on her feet after that. She was an excellent mom, even taking on two surrogate pups two weeks later after their mother rejected them at birth.
Nugget is walking, running, playing, feels good, and is happy. She walks funny and probably always will. But she IS walking and that’s the important part. The holistic vet told me if he had done surgery on a dog in her condition and it was walking this well, he would be happy with the results. But using this non-invasive, less traumatic method that helps the body heal itself, worked and saved Nugget’s litter as well.
- submitted by Cindy Brenton
St. Louis, MO


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