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Story of the Month - February 2006    



Hi my name is Hallie Steele and I am almost 5 years old. My mom found me at a flea market in Florida when I was only 2 months old; she just fell in love with me. I also have a sister named Gabbie she is a black and tan long haired doxie. We are best of friends. I have always been an active mini, always looking into getting in trouble. Most of all I just love all the little critters here in Florida. That is my mission everyday, to see who I can catch. I love being outside in the sunlight. I also love to swim I have a life vest and my mom or dad would throw treats in the pool and I would swim and get them, so much fun….Unfortunately I did a really dumb thing….My nephew came to visit and I just love any kind of toy. He had a little rubber ducky and I really wanted that little duck, so he had been taking a bath and no one was in the bathroom and I decided to jump in the bathtub to get it. Well I really hurt myself…My mom took me to the vet and she put me on prednisone and I got better. That was about Easter of this year. Then on Memorial day my mom had a cook out and there were some young kids and we played and played in the pool with the ball….I really had a good time….Went to bed that night and I woke up the next morning and I was having trouble walking…..My mom again took me to the emergency hospital, of course this was on a Sunday. They said I did not have any deep pain in my back feet so they kept me overnight. My mom and dad were crying when they had to leave me it was awful…I had my blanket so I felt a little better….Mom and Dad picked me up the next day and we went right to the vet’s office. They were very upset, that I hadn’t gone to a specialist in Tampa on Sunday. With no deep pain for 24 hours means I might not every walk again. Oh my parents were upset; of course the vet never called them back on Sunday….So we drove for 21/2 hours to a wonderful hospital in Tampa. Dr. Levin saw me and did an MRI and said that I would only have a 5% chance of walking again with surgery. I was so young my parents said of course do anything for me…So I went into surgery and stayed a week in the hospital…When I came home it was really scary… My mom found the Dodgerlist web site. What a life saver, she couldn’t have made it without them…All her questions were answered…Couldn’t go potty on my own so my mom had to learn how to express my bladder….I hated being in that crate 24 – 7, yet now I know I had to, to get better….My mom would try all kinds of low fat treats for me. I loved the most was, she would take a face cloth and soak it in beef broth and freeze it, then I chewed on it when I was bored, mmmm good.

After my stitches came out I started water therapy and acupuncture, my mom and I worked really really hard everyday….Then one day maybe about 2 months I was eating my dinner and I stood up, well you should have heard everyone screaming and yelling, I couldn’t figure out why and then I realized I was standing….I was really proud of myself. By 3months I was dragging myself outside and standing then my mom thought I would like a cart maybe that would help me with my walking, so she bought one from Jamie on the Dodgerlist. About a month later I said I really don’t want this thing forever and started practicing my walking..Guess what I did it. I can’t walk perfect but I am walking all the time now. I still can’t seem to get the potty thing going, but I will keep working on that. I am six month since I had my surgery and I can’t believe they only gave me 5% chance of walking. Well you know us doxie’s we are stubborn and nothing gets us down….Now all you new comers out there, you keep working really hard and I know you will be successful too….Keep up with you water therapy and acupuncture…Please stay off furniture and no more jumping….Take it from one who knows….

I will keep you all in my prayers.

Hallie Steele


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