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Story of the Month - February 2007    



Hard to believe but the following is the Reader's Digest version of Bogart’'s story. We adopted Bogart 5 years ago on New Year’'s Day after responding to an ad in the Penny Saver. His then owner was a lovely single French woman who had already interviewed more than 20 people wanting to adopt him and unsatisfied, was about to pull the ad. She purchased him as a pup when she came to the states to work, and 2 years later was traveling so much, she knew she wasn't giving him the life he deserved. She made it clear that we would have to be very special to be chosen, and also stated that he didn't like men! Great, now I had to talk my husband into going with me while trying not to act like a guy!!! Having been pre-warned that this would be tough, I gathered up pictures of our fully fenced yard and practiced my winning speech on the 1 hour drive to meet Bogart for the first time. Well, after over 2 hours of interviewing (more like an interrogation); she stated that my husband was the first man Bogie didn't seem to hate. We thought we were home free when she said oh, one more thing, he has to sleep in bed under the covers, is that ok? I quickly said of course, while praying that Michael would follow my lead. With his yes, she placed him in my arms and through her tears she whispered to him in French to mind us, to be a good boy and not to be stubborn. Only now that we consider ourselves veteran Doxie owners do we fully understand the “"stubborn" instructions.

Fast forward one year later and we noticed that he was grunting a little bit when walking up a step or two. He is now 3 years old. It seemed to be his lower back so we started doing research on the Doxie back and installed ramps up to every couch and bed in the house. Over the years, 2 more mild episodes and once again Prednisone and he was well until this year on October 26, 2006. He cried out in pain and it was coming from his neck this time and not his lower back. We were panicked and after many vet visits, Acupuncture, Prednisone and 2 different X-rays we discovered he had ruptured his C-2 - C-3 disk and underwent surgery on November 15th with Dr. Robin Levitski. He was in the hospital for 5 days and when we got him home we slept on the floor with him for the next 10 days. He was on Gabapentin, Tramadol and Prednisone. He is now off all meds and is making a full recovery and has not cried out or exhibited any symptoms of pain since bringing him home. We are so thankful and relieved to have our sweet, lovable, affectionate and yes, sometimes stubborn boy happy and healthy once again.

                                                                                                                                              Evie and Michael
and our beloved super hero Bogart