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Story of the Month - January 2006    



It started the last week in November with another flare up. But it all started nine years ago with Scooby going down. Traditional treatment failed so we turned to alternative treatment. He had acupuncture and chinese herbs. He was walking after the first treatment. Now its nine years later with some minor flare ups and one bad flare up about a year ago. Then this one. His pain level had gotten bad. He was curling up his back. After consult with is regular vet we put him on prednisone again with Pepcid. We had been down the prednisone road before. It's not an easy one. His last course of prednisone lasting nearly a year before we could get him off of it with the help of a holistic vet and more chinese herbs. This flare up quickly went down hill when Scooby developed a gastric ulcer. It was really bad. It took daily IV treatments with fluids and antibiotics, and Prilosec, and carafate to get this bout under control. We were doing acupuncture with his other treatments. I never thought there would be a day where I would lose hope. My vet asked me if I was willing to try other treatments. Meaning to me he was losing hope of him recovering. I said I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Scooby was losing weight. He lost nearly 2 lbs and that's a lot for a dog that weighs 8lbs at best. He was dehydrated and not eating. His kidney values were way up. I placed Scooby in the care of his regular vet and their staff for nearly a week. Dropping him off in the mornings and picking him up at the end of the day. The first two days were rough but there was still a spark of life in him. His kidney values were slowing returning back to normal. He didn't start eating again until the 3rd treatment. He was quiet and tired but started feeling better after that 3rd treatment. I want to say I owe many thanks to Dr. Andrews and his caring staff. The first day I came to pick him up from his treatment they had placed toys in his cage. One tech had carried him around with her all day. Another tech had given him a bath to make him feel better and another had made him a makeshift sweater out of cast stocking. The next day there were more toys in his cage and he was curled up on his blanket. The third day of picking him up nearly all the staff had come in to see me as I picked him up with many words of encouragement. That third night he ate. The next day he went in for acupuncture. He was still a bit of a sorry sight. It has been 2 weeks now. He has gained back 1 of the 2 pounds he lost. The spark and joy has returned to his life. He is such a joy to be with . What amazes me most thru all this is he also has a really bad heart murmur and was on lasix and enalapril prior to this flare up. He had to be taken off those meds during his illness. We have just started up the enalapril and have not needed yet to start back any lasix. It hasn't been an issue yet. And his heart murmur is really bad which is amazing. Since this he has been off ALL pain medications and muscle relaxants. He was on daily robaxin for over a year and now takes nothing. We have started up his holistic supplements which are herbisone, liquid ambar 15 and cats claw. He saw the acupuncture vet yesterday for a follow up visit. She was pleased and amazed at his progress. Everyone can hardly believe its the same dog of 2 weeks ago. We are now going to pursue maintenance acupuncture at regular intervals even if he is asymptomatic. His back is nice and straight and loose and what a wag to his tail. He can't get enough to eat either LOL. Even though we may feel at times it is the end of the line. I think we can trust our inner feelings and dare to hope. We don't lose anything for trying. I want to add that if I thought Scooby was in sheer misery I would have ended his suffering but the vet did give me hope so I tried with all I had to help him. There is hope even in the darkest moments and it comes from our animal companions and the compassionate people who care for them. God bless you all.

Susan and Scooby Do

P.S. (he will be 15 in March! An accomplishment for a dog with a bad heart murmur and IVDD)



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