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Story of the Month - January 2009  



This is Schatzi, our 6 year old black and tan girl.  She was diagnosed with IVDD approximately two years ago. After undergoing a routine x-ray for possible bladder stones, it was discovered she had two protruded discs.  We began preventative treatment of a daily supplement (Vetri-Disc), crate rest and Metacam, when required.
On Nov. 5, 2008 we detected that perhaps Schatzi was having a flare-up of IVDD or a re-occurance of a UTI, since she had just finished antiobiotics. We were unsure what exactly was the cause of her discomfort. 
Since we had been down this road with Xena, our wire-hair dachshund, in the fall of 2006, we immediately put Schatzi on crate-rest and began Metacam. The following morning she was still very quiet. We felt we needed to seek veterinary care immediately. As we were leaving, I set Schatzi down for a quick bathroom break when she took two wobbly steps and fell to her left side.  This confirmed what we suspected and we raced to our vet, for an emergency appointment..  Within a few minutes of arriving and a thorough examination, our fears were confirmed. We were immediately referrred to our Veterinary Hospital, where the wonderful team at the AVC were waiting for us. 
Schatzi was hospitalized immediately, tests were ordered and early the next morning she underwent a myelogram and directly into surgery. The disc at the  T12-T13 had undergone a massive rupture, the surgeon reported later, when the debris was scooped out, the spinal column settled back into place. (a very positive sign).
Schatzi spent five days in the veterinary hospital, and is currently undergoing continued crate rest. She continues to build strength in her hind legs.  She is able to walk and her bodily functions have returned to normal.  She underwent a neuro exam and suture removal two weeks after surgery. The surgical team was extremely pleased with her progress.
Schatzi will undergo another neuro exam in early January. We are truly blessed and thankful that she is making a remarkable recovery.
Charlotte Estabrooks
Member, Tiny Paws Rescue




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