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Story of the Month - July 2007    



Hello everyone at Dodgerslist! My name is Blayde! As you can see, I’'m in a wheel cart, or as my mom likes to call it, my Cadillac! I use to never be this way you know, well let me start the story from the very beginning!

My mommy’'s name is Brandi and she was about to finish beauty school in the beginning of August 2004 when all of the sudden her world was turned upside down when her doxie at the time, Copper, went down in his back after taking him outside before leaving home for school one morning. My mommy was very heart broken and torn to pieces! She took him to her vet where they told her that afternoon after school, there was nothing she could do for him but to wait out the weekend and see if Copper responded to steroids. Mommy went everyday to see Copper and to tell him that everything would be ok and that he would be home very soon. Well Copper never got any better and the vet told mommy to put him to sleep. So mommy brought him home for a while and then she met up with my grand mommy to do what she didn’'t want to do! You see, at the time, she didn't know what she could do for Copper. Mommy would have done anything for him just like she is doing for me!

My poor mommy was so heart broken, she didn’'t even want to eat. Then she heard that the breeder where she got Copper from had some more doxie puppies, and man she was out the door! My mommy came to get me and she had two to choose from. Needless to say she had no choice, I chose her! I went home in her arms, and even though I wasn’'t replacing Copper, she felt a little happier at that moment.

Well everything is going well and me and mommy have been together for two and a half years now. Mommy met a wonderful man and I love him to death. By now I also have a sister cat named KI KI, a brother named Harley (doxie), and a nother brother cat named Stormy.

It’'s the morning of January 20th and for some reason, I can’'t seem to move my back legs and my mommy hasn’'t got up to get ready for work yet. Oh, I don’'t know what’'s wrong with me! I just wish my mommy would hurry up and get me out of here! Wait a minute, here she comes! Oh no! She sees something is wrong! I don’'t wanna go to the vet! Why is she screaming at the top of her lungs for daddy to get up? Oh no, what’'s going on with me? Why can’'t I move my back legs? It took a couple of hours for the vet office to open up and away we went. It wasn’'t our normal vet, but it was the one that opened up first! They take me in and the nice lady tells mommy and daddy that they need to give me some steroids and the doctor will be in shortly. They told mommy and daddy to wait at home and the vet would call them. The vet finally called mommy back after mommy felt hopeless. Wait, what did they say? I can’'t feel my back legs? I need to stay over the weekend? What did they say about a cart? I don’'t know what’'s going on, all I know is that I want to go home!

Well Monday came and at the end of the day, who do I see? It's mommy and daddy coming to get me! I was so happy to see them come for me even though they had been there every day since this happened to me!
Well we went home. And a week later mommy took me to my regular vet one town away. He is a really nice man. He taught mommy and daddy how to express me. They didn't even know they needed to express me! The other vet didn’'t tell them. I am very lucky my little bladder didn't rupture! Mommy would have been really mad at the other vet!

Now it’'s been a few months now and all is well except I still can’'t use my back legs! I love my cart that the nice people at the KENTUCKY DACHSHUND RESCUE helped my mommy get me. They got it from Doggon Wheels! It’'s a sweet ride! Now mommy even got me a license plate with my name on the back now! How cool is that! I really love my mommy and am so thankful for the people at Dodgerslist for helping her know what to do for me and for that I am forever grateful for that! The only thing is, mommy now wishes she knew what she could have done when it happened to Copper. He would have still been here too. Mommy visits his grave in the back yard a few times a week to say hello and that she wishes she could go back and change what happened. But life is about lessons to be learned! She understands that everything happens for a reason! Love to all at Dodgerslist and Kentucky Dachshund Rescue!

                                                                       Love Blayde

UPDATE: Blayde is currently going through water therapy, and exercises. He is standing for short periods of time and every once in a while he might take a few steps. We are all praying for him and trying to do everything we can to help him!



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