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Story of the Month - June 2005    

"Oscar Mayer "   


Oscar Mayer was 6 and a half when he went down on January 8th 2005 after he had jumped on the couch and fallen off. He exhibited some symptoms like hunching, and obvious pain. I didn't take him to the doctor for four days, because it was over a weekend, and I thought he was getting better. When it was plain he wasn't getting better, and was in fact in pain, I took him to our local vet. He diagnosed IVDD, and sent him home on prednisone. The vet gave him a shot of prednisone, and didn't tell me anything other than to "let him rest".

I went home and started looking up everything I could find on the internet, and I kept finding stuff about Dodger's List. I signed on to that and Abledogs, and the folks have been awesome. I got so much advice that I had to start writing it down! They were a lot more helpful than the vet!

Oscar got a new playpen for his 6-8 weeks of crate rest. He was put on Ester-c, cranberry, a Glucosamine supplement, and a vitamin supplement. He also started, at the urging of Dodger's folks, a regimen of acupuncture. He immediately started wagging his tail, and that was at the holistic vet! He got his little cart about 6 weeks after his injury, and we would put him in it every day for while to strengthen his back legs. Now he is walking without his cart, but we kept it in case he ever needs it again!

He now runs like a rabbit, with both his back legs going at the same time in the same direction. When he walks, he walks like a drunken sailor. We'll take what we can get!

He was recently my example for a story time at the library. I read "Gretchen the Bicycle Dog" and we did a weiner dog craft. Oscar was paraded out in his wheelchair so the kids could see how he "walked." He did so well!

I'd like to say thanks to Dodger's List, because without you he would not be doing this well!

- submitted by Tammy Bronson


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