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Story of the Month - June 2008    


                                                                              Kordach on the left and Dackel

I was born in April of 2001, the only boy in a litter of five.  My birth mother was owned by a really nice family.  They had a son and since we were both the only little boys, we became fast friends.  Then in June new people start showing up at our house and taking my sisters away.  ‘Oh, no!’  I thought but then my friend told me that they were being adopted and soon I would be adopted too.  Then one Sunday these two ladies came to the house.  The younger lady, Stephanie, starting playing with my sister, but the older lady, Kathy, was watching as I played with my friend.  Kathy then asked to hold me.  I was scared at first but she was so gentle and I could tell she was a very caring lady.  She held me for a while and then passed me to Steph.  She played with me and rubbed my tummy.  Soon they were talking about which one of us to adopt, my sister or me.  Then Kathy says ‘Why don’t we take them both, they can keep each other company.’  I thought ‘No, I want to stay here with my friend and without any sisters.’  But Kathy and Steph decided to take us both and, you know what, it turned out to the best thing that could ever happen to me.  The Mommies, as they became known, named me Kordach and my sister Dackel.  I also found out that they had another dachshund when Steph was young.  His name was Fritz. 

As we got bigger the mommies let us have more freedom around the house.  We would sleep in the big beds with one or the other mommy each night (depending on whom we were mad at, hehehe), sleep on the couch during the day while they were at work and bark at all the animals outside.  Everything was wonderful until a couple of days before my fifth birthday.  I started not feeling so well and it would hurt when I would jump off the couch. One morning mommy Steph let me outside and when it was time to come in I wouldn’t go up the stairs.  She thought that I was just being stubborn (I am a dachshund after all), but then I wouldn’t eat my breakfast.  She had done enough research online about dachshunds to know that something was wrong.  I heard her say something to mommy Kathy about disc disease and told her to keep an eye on me and let her know if I showed more signs.  That night when Steph came home from work she put me in the car and we went to see Dr. Teresa.  Dr. Teresa felt around my back and when she touched one spot on my lower back I had to yelp, it hurt a lot.  Because I wasn’t showing any paralysis, Dr. Teresa and Steph decided to try steroids and no-jumping.  I don’t like pills, but I do like the cheese (sometimes steak) that Steph hides them in so that I will take them.  As for the no jumping, well, who can complain about being carried everywhere.  The worst part was being back in the cage after freedom for so many years.  After a couple of weeks I was as good as new and it was back to the old routine.

A little over a year past and mommy Steph had decided to move out of mommy Kathy’s house and buy her own house.  Dackel and I were going to live with her and come back to visit mommy Kathy.  The Friday after Steph bought the house she was preparing to take us there for a visit when my back started to hurt again.  Mommy Steph saw the same signs as the year before and called the vet’s office.  We saw a different vet this time and when she examined me she noticed the low back pain, same place as before.  But then the vet started moving my neck from side to side really quickly.  I did not like that at all.  The Doctor and mommy decided to try the steroids and rest again.  When we got home that night my neck started hurting.  I didn’t tell mommy right away, but the next day I would not move my head or let mommy touch my neck.  The muscles in my neck were quivering I was in so much pain, so back to the vet I went.  This time they did x-rays even though mommy said she didn’t think it would show much.  They added a muscle relaxer to my pills and that made me feel better.  By this time mommy Steph had enough of the vet I had been going to, so she decided to find a new vet near our new home.  She found a really nice vet named Dr. Jim Carlson.  Not only is he a vet, he also does acupuncture and spinal alignment.  I was nervous the first time mommy took me to see him, but she brought along Dackel and Kathy for support.  Dr. Jim looked me over, worked his fingers up and down my spine and then put some needles in my paws and one on the top of my head (mommy called in my antenna, hehehe).  When I walked out of that office I felt a 1000% better than I had in weeks.  He also gave my mom some Traumeel supplements for me to take to reduce the inflammation.  After 2 acupuncture treatments, 6 weeks of crate rest, steroids, muscle relaxers and supplements, I felt like a new dog again.  And by this time we had moved into our new home.  It isn’t as big as mommy Kathy’s house, but it does have a fenced yard where I can chase squirrels and talk to the neighbor dogs.  Overall life is good and thanks to Dodger’s List mommy was able to stop my back problems before they got any worse.  Mommy still keeps a watchful eye on my sister and myself to make sure we get fast treatment for any episodes that might develop.

                                                                                                                                                                     Stephanie Plant

PS- Mommy Steph wanted me to remind you to make sure you have a vet you like and trust.  We still believe that the vet I saw on my second episode created the cervical problem by the way she examined me.  Needless to say, we don’t see that vet anymore.


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