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--Success Story--    


    by Lori and Jack Todd


Logan had been having back trouble all summer and we knew it was getting worse. Logan had just gone on Prednisone and a muscle relaxer a few days prior to becoming paralyzed, but it didn't seem to be working. We also were keeping him crated about 90% of the time, but with 2 other dogs in the house you could tell he felt really lonely and sad. Our lab even brought him toys and dropped them outside the cage and Logan's best buddy Mazzy (our other dachshund) wouldn't even look at him.

On July 3, 2009 he lost complete control of his back legs around 4:00pm that evening. My husband is a firefighter and was on a 24 hour shift that day, I spent most of the day crying, well bawling really and trying to keep Logan comfortable. Logan couldn't be moved without him screaming in pain. I mentally tried to prepare myself that we may have to put him down, but wanted my husband to see him for the last time. I even went as far as taking photos of him in case they were our last photos. Eventually, Logan ended up sleeping the rest of the day in his crate and I spent the night on the living room floor next to it with him. He made very little movements or sounds through the night.

The next morning my husband came home and went to work. We spent a lot of time on the internet doing research and called the emergency vet--who was no help. Surgery was not an option for us. Our immediate concern was that he hadn't gone potty since the day before and we knew we had to get him to go. We turned to many websites to help and u tube ended up providing us some instructional videos on how to express his bladder. My husband put on some gloves and went to work! Success! That was our first milestone. You could tell Logan was extremely uncomfortable about peeing in the house, so after a few times of going potty on the tile, we were able to move him outside in his crate and express his bladder in the yard. You could tell he felt much better about that!

I read and read online and the success stories really helped us stay positive. We did everything...changed his diet to not include wheat (which we continue today), finished his prednisone, he was crated for 6 weeks. After crate rest put him in our spa tube for water therpy. We even began to look for wheelchair options. My husband also took Logan to an alternative healer. The healer specialized in energy healing. During the treatment, Logan showed signs of movement and even wagged his tail!


From then on we continued to see improvement, he began eating his food again and also showed movement in his back legs when his paws were touched. Logan even played on his bed with his toys and chewed his bone. He had great quality of life even without the use of his back legs.

Slowly, Logan began to move again and one day was able to walk (about 8 weeks after going paralyzed). Now--he doesn't walk perfect and his back end sometimes loses control and spins out, but he can walk! Most people can't tell anything is even wrong until we point it out to them. He doesn't jump, and doesn't go on walks with other dogs, but is perfectly happy and enjoying life.

We wanted to post this because there is hope and Dodgerslist really helped us get through. Logan is a wonderful dog and our lives wouldn't be complete without him in it. Logan turns 8 years old in September and we know he has many great years ahead of him!