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Story of the Month - May 2003    

"Sir Skipper"   


SIR SKIPPER is a handsome devil of a boy. He's probably seven or eight years old, Sir Skipper is a red smooth, small standard dachshund. We do not know much about his early life, but by looking at him, you can tell it was a hard one. Last fall, his family separated and no one was able to take him or three other dogs the family has raised. The family dumped Sir Skipper and his siblings at a shelter in central Virginia. No medical histories were provided and all four of the dog's toenails were curled under their paws, they needed dentals desperately and their coats were caked with mud and filth.

While at the shelter, Sir Skipper was attacked by a larger dog resulting in a deep muscle tear in his back causing him to go down in the back. A local vet, who does pro bono care for the shelter, evaluated Sir Skipper. The vet thought Sir Skipper would walk again with crate rest and drugs. Jenny, one the vet techs from the shelter took Sir Skipper home for several weeks of crate rest, therapy and prednisone.

Sir Skipper improved greatly and even though Jenny wanted to keep him it was not meant to be and he was returned to the shelter. Fortunately, Sir Skipper was having a lucky day! A friendly rescuer from an all-breed, no-kill rescue group saved him and began the search for a perfect home. Before that home could be found, however, Sir Skipper's back went down again. Yolanda McIntyre, a member of Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA) was contacted about Sir Skipper. She specializes in the care of rescued downed doxies. DRNA assumed foster care of Sir Skipper in November of 2002. DRNA evaluated him and authorized acupuncture treatment, immunization updates and a much-needed dental. Struggling toward recovery, Sir Skipper went down yet again before his acupuncture treatment could be started. Rushed to Dr. Debbie Grissom, of Caroline Animal Hospital, in Bowling Green, VA, Sir Skipper immediately underwent his first acupuncture treatment. Within days, the determined Sir Skipper walked, wobbly legs and all! With five acupuncture treatments, holistic medicines, quality dog food, an exercise program and water therapy, Sir Skipper was up walking in just a few weeks.

Without lingering problems or invasive surgery, on 24 December 2002, a local Virginia family who consider Christmas to be his birthday adopted Sir Skipper. Today he runs and plays with five human brothers and sisters surround him with love.

Thanks to Dr. Deborah M. Grissom, DVM, a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Sir Skipper walks today.

- submitted by Yolanda McIntyre


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