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--Success Story--    


L: Miles wearing an e-collar so he does not get to his stitches.
                         R: Weeks later at potty time with leash & harness & now able to take footsteps!

By Teresa Rucka

Miles ruptured his L5-L6 on March 16, 2010. He had lost the use of his hind legs, bladder and bowel control. Surgery was within 6 hours at Gulf Coast Hospital here in the Houston area. We are 6 weeks post op today and were formally released by the surgeon as Miles is doing so well.

We did STRICT crate rest for 24/7 and we still carry him to potty. He is under "house arrest" now. The surgeon was just extremely pleased that we followed her orders and that of Dodgers List to a "T". You truly do get out of recovery what you put into it.