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--Success Story--

Molly Henson

by Patricia Henson   


This is Molly's story.....Molly ruptured a disc in her back August 20th, 2010. We have always had ramps in our home but somehow Molly still managed to be stricken with back problems. She is the light of my life. I was completely overcome with grief as I stood in front of the Vet while he told me she was past the point of surgery and that I should put her down. I refused to believe it.

We went home that day with predisone and muscle relaxers. She has had two cortisone injections since that vet visit. I went back the following week and by this time Molly could not walk. She had no control of her bowels or bladder. All the while Molly never appeared to be in pain, she just seemed depressed. Molly was completely paralyzed from the waist down. The vet then refused to treat her any further. He seem to be miffed with me as I would not listen to him. I began researching the internet and found Dodgerslist. I soon realized it was not a death sentence and if Molly was going to recover it would be up to me.

I began her on vitamin C and B12 along with glucosamine. I made all her meals with boiled chicken and rice. I watched videos on how to express her bowels and bladder. I have kept Molly crated constantly for the past 3 weeks except for potty time. I took a week off from work to care for her. She was absolutely dependent on me 100%. I bought a portable playpen bassinet for Molly to sleep in at night. It is lonely in my bed without her but she is right next to me and I will take no chances on a relapse.

About the end of the second week I began to notice Molly started wagging her tail, barking and trying to get up. She started letting me know she needed to go out and last thursday she began to potty on her own. What a wonderful site that was. I was clapping singing her praises and she responded like the old Molly. She has only had one accident this past week. She is eating normal food again and has regained full tail wagging along with walking. Her left leg is still wobbly so I limit her movement for now. I continue to do exercises with her legs daily.

It was alot of work and it took dedication along with patience.....but I would do it all again. I am so grateful for Dodgerslist, without this forum I may have given up on Molly. Dodgerslist saved Molly and Me.


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