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Story of the Month - November 2002    

"Sass-A-Frass (Sassy)"   


SASSY, or Sass-A-Frass, as she is called, is a happy, beautiful, copper-colored miniature dachshund who loves to roam all over the house and yard. Sassy is full of energy and mischief. She is also in a wheelchair but that does not deter her. Did Sassy fall down the stairs or was she maybe kicked? No one knows. One day she was found lying at the bottom of an outdoor flight of stairs. A member of her family picked her up, dusted her off, and noticed she was limping. By the next day, Sassy had lost some control over her hind legs, and her family took her to a local veterinarian who gave her a prescription for cortisone and advised her owners to keep her still. Keeping Sassy still proved to be almost impossible. Paralysis had spread up her back and she lost bladder and bowel control. Because of the extent of her injury, Sassy cannot bark above a whisper. Her owners knew they could not care for a dog with such a severe health condition, so they searched the Internet for help. The family found help in the form of the Dachshund Rescue of North America (DRNA). DRNA came to Sassy's rescue. Pennsylvania DRNA Rescuer, Ed Guerka, who rescued Sassy, found that she had been kept in a bassinet for three months, and her legs had begun to atrophy. He brought the little dog to Thurmont, Maryland where she met her new Mom, ME! Sassy greeted me with sweet, insistent puppy kisses and a smile.

Sass-A-Frass' next stop was Dr. Byron of Ferry Farm Animal Clinic, in Fredericksburg, VA, for an examination and testing. Dr. Byron discovered she had sustained a high, deep back injury that surgery could not fix since so much time had passed. In all other aspects, Dr. Byron found Sassy to be a healthy and energetic dachshund. He prescribed Vitamin C, Cranberry Extract, and Glucosamine/Chondroiton and taught me how to express her bladder and bowels. Dr. Byron also showed me how to perform water therapy for her to keep her back legs limber. I returned from Dr. Byron's office and went to the Internet for further advice on caring for her. Dodgerslist, an email list which gives support for people with handicapped animals, provided me with a brilliant idea, a cart. After much research, I decided on a cart from K9 Carts of Olympia, Washington. K9 Carts custom makes it's carts to fit each animal. The cart arrived on May 17th and Sassy took to it immediately. Since getting her wheels, nothing can stop her. Sass-A-Frass is now a very happy-go-lucky loving girl, always with a smile on her face, and she knows no limitations.

Dodgerslist would like to thank Dr. Kilrain, The Regional Veterinary Referral Center, Springfield, VA for helping our Sassy.

- submitted by Yolanda McIntyre
Fredericksburg, VA

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