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Story of the Month - November 2006    




It was August 14th when Angel stopped walking. She was totally paralyzed from the middle of her back down. She couldn't move her legs or tail and was incontinant. She had no deep pain response at all. Her x-rays showed four compressed vertebrae. We didn't have surgery but the Vet gave her a steroid shot and Prednisone tabs to take. I massaged her back and did leg exercises with her from week 2 to week 6. I also used a sling under her belly and let her walk a little bit just to keep her leg muscles strong. I didn't do it everyday though. I felt rest was the most important thing to give her in order for her to recover. Plus we have added Glucosamine and Chondroitin to her diet to strengthen the joints.

I was Very Very Strict about her Crate Rest for the first six weeks. She then decided it was time to walk on her own again. She was wobbly in the beginning but she is getting stronger all the time. I feel she has made a 90 to 95% recovery which is great. I continue to watch her closely and don't let her overdo it. We are just so thankful for her recovery. She is our little miracle dog.


                                                                  Hans & Margaret

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