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Story of the Month - November 2007               


My Husband came home late one night with a "Honey I'm home", and in his arms he held a 9 week old Dachshund. At first I was angry, I wasn't ready for another dog, after loosing another doxie of 12 years.  But that lasted all of 5 seconds, after looking into those Beautiful Brown eyes, I was hooked. Everything was great, Bosco was a ball of energy, and so much fun, but at 6 months old he had his first seizure.  After doing blood work, he was diagnosed with epilepsy,  with the seizures getting worst, we had no choice but to place him on Phenobarbital.  Bosco continued to do great, and was the center of our family, but then in Jan of 2006 he hurt his back, Two weeks of X-rays, Blood work, steroids and pain pills, Bosco continued to get worse, till the day came he could only drag his hind legs.   The outlook was very grim.

The Vet coldly gave us 3 choices:  have surgery place him in a cart, or euthanize him.  Putting him to sleep was not an option for us, and with the epilepsy surgery was to high of a risk. Bosco had also developed an enlarged liver due to the Phenobarbital.  She also informed us, in her option he would never walk again, and with all his other problems, you could tell she thought we should just let him go.

We started doing our research on the web, and found Dogerslist, I started reading all the success stories and for the first time, felt we had hope. We located a wonderful and loving Vet in our Area that did Acupuncture Dr. Callen and his wonderful staff "Chico Ca"  The Dr was out of town, and we had to wait 12 days before his first appointment.  On Feb 7th Bosco had his first Acupuncture treatment where he placed Bosco on Duralactin K-9 Chews twice a day.  Two days later his first treatment Bosco stood on his own 4 feet, 4 days later he took his first steps, two weeks later we had to tell him not to Run, I could not believe what I was seeing, He was such a miracle.

We just celebrated his first year of walking again and I couldn't refuse sending a letter to our old vet, letting her know, that Bosco was indeed not only walking again, you would never even have know he had once been paralyzed, and to give other pet owners some hope, that there are other options out there, besides the options that were given to us.

Bosco continues to have the acupuncture done every 2 to 3 months, and is doing great. He looks forward to his Grandmother's visit, and playing, and taking care of his 4 cats.

Bosco and all of us want to thank Dogerslist for all the wonderful information and support the web site offers.
                       Jackie Blome

June 24, 2014 update:
A BIG Thank you to Dodgers list, Had it not been for your website, Owners like me, would have been lost in knowing what to do, our vet at the time was lost in knowing what else to do for him, and didn't really want to be bothered with him...Because of the Info Dodgers list provided we were able to locate a vet that gave us 7 extra walking years with our boy. We were extremely lucky, Acupuncture & Duralactin K-9 Chews twice a day worked for him. Sadly we had to say good bye to him last year just shy of his 14th birthday.


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