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Story of the Month - October 2003    




Dear Dodger's List,

I would love to share my experience about the back problems my 3 year old dachshund had. I did not know a lot about this disease and when this happened the only thing I thought of was that I was going to lose Mojo. After this happened, I got on the internet and found your website. I didn’t know there was water therapy, wheel chair carts or web-sites for dogs. This site really helped me to see that there was hope for my Mojo.

July 5, 2003 was the worst day Mojo and I ever had. We had just come in from a walk. Mojo started playing and acting silly and crazy as he always does when all of a sudden he stopped and his back hunched up. He started yelping and appeared to be in severe pain. I rushed Mojo to the Emergency Vet Hospital where the veterinarian found a ruptured disc. There was no other choice but to have surgery to correct the problem, because he had no deep pain prior to the surgery. The surgery left Mojo paralyzed in his rear legs and incontinent.

After his recovery and having 13 staples removed from his back I started him in water therapy. This was the best thing I could have ever done. I saw improvement within a few days of therapy. Mojo started to put weight on his back legs. It has now been nine weeks since the surgery and he has started to take a few steps. He falls down but gets right back up. Mojo is a fighter and keeps me going. I only wish I had the strength he has. He’s my baby.

The doctor and therapist who worked with Mojo were the best.  The doctor, who is the owner of the vet hospital, still calls to check up on Mojo and see how he is doing.  The vet is located in Catonsville, MD.

Thank you,


- submitted by Gina - Baltimore, MD


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