Moderators Guide

Welcome to DodgersList Moderators! The first things new moderators always want to know: where are the bathrooms and when is the first vacation day? Bathrooms are in your house and since you are a volunteer, take time as you need it. The emotions of working day in and day out can take a toll on energies. We just email the other moderators that we’ll be out for the day or on vacation for a month, etc. Being fresh and positive in your approach is the goal. The big picture and goal is always helping the dog, avoid falling into petty traps that could lead to deserting the cause! Don’t sweat the small stuff—it’s all small stuff if it’s not about the dogs.

We are a small group that has accomplished a great deal under the guidance of the founder, Linda Stowe.

The Focus
Dodgers was established in 2002 to help educate vets and owners on alternative options to putting an IVDD dog to sleep. To this day the focus is still narrowly on disc disease, a topic we know and do well. The core of recommending readings at have been reviewed by specialists in the field. Observation since 2002, hundreds of dogs and vet prescriptions across the country show which therapies work with IVDD. It has taken years of hard work to establish our reputation and to be taken seriously. Today members of our list include professionals: DVMs, certified physical therapists and neurosurgeon vet techs. They mostly lurk.

Representing Dodgers
The manner, tone, and content of your posts represent Dodgers and are cast in internet stone forever. When appropriate, give helpful direction via links to panicked owners. The focus is to support and give helpful information to people who are dealing with a downed dog and are frightened and upset at the moment. This support continues through the life of the dog. We also provide support and education for those owners w/o a downed dog wanting to learn about IVDD.

Accepting posts at Yahoo
Edit new members subject headings if vague and general at the Lists web page BEFORE approving.
Some posts are way too long and convoluted to find dates or other information, in that case just insert name of dog or what ever pieces of info you can find.

When a moderated post arrives:
1) at the pending page, click on EDIT, insert the
following preceding their subject:
- dog’s name
- date of treatment
- treatment

some examples:

  • I’m new here becomes
    Missy 9/27 conservative – I’m new here
  • My dog has IVDD becomes
    Spot 10/3 surgery – My dog has IVDD

Taking off of Moderate (Posts that are IVDD related (not spam), need to be taken off moderate)

1) While still in pending, press the blue UPDATE button on the upper right. 2) A pending message window is now open: 3) Select edit membership to override moderated: messages. 4) Select: Use current group message posting setting. 5) Save. 6) Last step APPROVE message

Note the above message was not approved. This kind of message is upsetting to our membership when they are already stress about their own dog. Calls for transporting dogs are limited to those with back problems.

When to use Dodgerslist Health & Nutrition
Topics that help to keep the volume of off-topic away from DL. Topics that are of general nature concerning health and nutrition are appropriate at H&N (i.e. dog beds, ear wax, better dog foods, clipping nails, costumes, etc.) In depth discussion of serious diseases or details on preparing specific diets are not in the realm of Dodger’s focus. We do not represent ourselves as knowledgeable on anything but IVDD. There are already very good lists if someone wants to get in depth about raw feeding, or other specific diseases. It would be appropriate to suggest a list they might investigate.