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His primary interests include intervertebral disc disease, seizure management, luxations/fractures of the spine, and surgery for brain tumors
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Multiple disc episodes
Friday, December 20, 2013

Jacob writes: Someone from yahoo recommended your website to me. Here's the story. My dachshund is 9 year old. She slipped a disc when she was 4 and they gave us pain meds and steroids and you could tell she had an accident but she could manage to go on with life. Now at 9, last week, she did the same thing. I took her to the vet and they did tests and she didn't really have feeling in the left back foot. The pain meds and steroids aren't helping. All I ask is what should I do? Do you have any recommendations? I  have heard of a chiropractor for pets, but I don't think we have any in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I am just looking for knowledgeable advice! She means the world to my family.

I'm sorry to hear about your dachshund.

Ideally, if the medications are not working it would be worth considering advanced imaging (MRI, CT, myelogram) to see if there is compression of the spinal cord and if surgery is indicated. The previous episode when she was younger was likely a smaller piece of disk that herniated so she was able to respond to the medications. This time around there is a good chance the amount is greater and may need surgery.

Please know our thoughts are with you. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

NOTE: Dr. Isaac's article on Why No Chiro for IVDD Dogs:  http://www.dodgerslist.com/literature/chiropractic.htm


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