About the DVD

Disc Disease 101

About the DVD

I can't stress enough how every dachshund owner needs this DVD. It is very good and thorough on taking care of an IVDD dog as well as recognizing the symptoms and signs. We've also been told by some surgical vet techs that every general vet should have one of these. It is very important that we educate.

We can save lives and save other dogs from becoming permanently paralyzed by recognizing the symptoms early. Dodgers put a lot of time and thought into this DVD making it easy and simple to understand and trying to cover all phases of care and treatments. There is a segment from Dr. Lawson, of Glacier Animal Hospital discussing IVDD which is very very good.

The cost is only $3.00 and that covers shipping, so there is really no reason why everyone should not be able to have one. If for some reason you can't afford one, write me and I will be more then happy to send you one. So please please order one for yourself and one for your vet and any other friend that has a Dachshund.

Linda Stowe. Dodgerslist Founder


DVDs are now available to order a $3 each and includes shipping within the USA.  DVDs will work on any computer. No country coding means it will play on any DVD player.

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Dodgerslist is the premier website dedicated to information about paralysis in Dachshunds. ~ Jonathan M. Levine, DVM, ACVIM Neurology, Texas A&M University

Just had a look at Dodgerslist- fabulous work!  ...  One of the things I lecture about to veterinarians is teaching their clients how to become responsible internet surfers.  I would love for every board certified surgeon and neurologist to know about your site. ~ Nancy Kay, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Author of Speaking for Spot http://www.speakingforspot.com

A MUST Have Link or INFO to have on hand for ANY General Practice DVM!!!   This is a Rock Star Group Dodgerslist - News events about disc disease. We at UFSAH-Neuro share their DVD with all of our Post-OP or Medical Management patients that need help with Crate Rest Care and BLADDER EXPRESSION!!!!    ~ Amy Plageman

This DVD has been an incredible help. It really has not only helped me help Sophie but helped me help myself from feeling so overwhelmed!
~ Michele


I have nothing but AMAZING praise for the UF Small Animal Hospital!   Our Neuro Vet actually gave us printed copies of a lot of the Dodgers List material as well as a copy of the "All About IVDD" dvd. They are big fans of the website and mailing list. :)   ~Rhonda

Sales help fund our web page and education activites. Thank you for your help.

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Dodgerslist's Intervertebral Disc Disease DVD was produced solely for educational purposes and not for profit.
     Any entity, with written permission from Linda Stowe, may reproduce the DVD, must adhere the authorized label and charge only costs of supplies for reproduction. The spirit and intent of the DVD is not to provide a means to make a profit for any person or group, but to be a tool of education on intervertebral disc disease.
     Donations to Dodgerslist, for use of our DVD are welcome to help us continue our IVDD educational efforts.

Linda Stowe, Dodgersllist Founder

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