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Tags help us pay for
advertising, mailings and printing
— all efforts to educate that IVDD is not a death sentence!
Thank you so much in advance for any extra contribution!

All prices include shipping!

Width: 1-1/4" .Height: 3/4
back is blank

Lori says "Rambo wears his continuously. He's had it for 2 years now and it still looks new. This tag holds up really well!"

One tag for $6.00

Width: 1-1/4" Height: 3/4"
back is blank

Dogs, even though not born with IVDD,
should be lifted and carried with back horizontal to
the ground and both ends supported to protect
the back.

One tag for $6.00


intervertebral disc disease
Sales help fund our web page and education activites. Thank you
for your help.
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