Sucesses Stories 2000 (1st year) of Dodgerslist

Note:  Treatments used in these stories were for each individual dog as needed and treatment for your dog should be discussed with your personal vet.
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Elizabeth Bogh

Oscar first started showing signs around March of 2002.  He was 3-1/2 at the time and was always always able to walk. He was on Prednisone and Methocarbonal and also given Glucosomine and Vit C.  He had lots of crate rest and by June or July he was back to his normal self.

Katie Spyke

Frankie went down with cervical disc problems and loss the use of his right front leg December 13, 02.  He was on a muscle relaxer for 1 week and 3.5 weeks of prednisone.  He also had 5 acupuncture treatments.  Frankie started to take supplements 1 week after the disc injury: ester vitamin c, vitamin e, manganese, glucosamine/chrondroitin with MSM and flaxseed oil.  We committed Frankie to strict crate rest for 8 weeks.  About 4 weeks into his recovery I started water therapy in our bathtub.  Frankie is now recovered but restricted from stairs, furniture & sleeping with us.

Chris Barnes

Odie has had several episodes of back problems which were treated with steriods and crate rest. In August he got worse. He was 5 years old at the time. He had only one acupuncture treatment, and that night he went down with no bowel or bladder control. He had surgery within four hours and by that evening he was standing with full bowel and bladder control. It has been almost seven months now and he is doing very well. He is back 98%.

Wendy Lehnert

Donut had three separate IVDD flare-ups starting at 5 yrs which were treated with muscle relaxants, steroids, and accupuncture. Unfortunately, Donut's fourth episode was more serious. Donut was in pain, slowly losing mobility, and not responding to his usual treatments. When his rear legs got wobbly, we scheduled him for surgery at Tufts University on 1/8/03. Two ruptured discs were repaired, and Donut was walking the next day. Dodger's List has been an invaluable source of information and support throughout.

Anissa Todd

Hello all! My name is Gretchen Todd. I was born on January 1, 1996. I am very special, you see, because I am a New Year’s Day baby, plus I was the runt of the litter. From the first day my Hooman Mommy came to pick me up we bonded and fell in love with each other. We have a very special relationship. She is my best friend. Because I am so small I am treated like a princess. I get carried everywhere! I have never been allowed to jump off of anything or go down any stairs, because it is not good for my back. At least that is what my Mommy tells me. I wouldn’t want to jump any way; it is too far for my little bitty legs!
My Mommy was very surprised when I was diagnosed with Disc Disease last March. I had had a couple of "bouts" in the past, but they were very light compared to what I went through last year. I have calcification in three discs, but I have never gone "down." I was in extreme pain and screamed anytime someone touched me. My Mommy took me to my Vet almost every day. She cried and cried and wondered what she should do. Then, a lady that volunteers with my Mommy recommended her to another Vet, and she drove me to see him the very next day. He made me feel so much better, and I began the road to recovery. I didn’t understand when I heard him telling Mommy about "tough love and a crate." But, I soon found out! I had to stay in my crate at all times (except for potty breaks of course) during my recovery. I had to take steroid pills for almost 3 months, plus Adequan shots and lots of supplements. Mommy tells me if it hadn’t of been for Linda Stowe and Dodgerslist, she wouldn’t have known where to turn. I guess I owe Dodgerslist a BIG THANK YOU for my health and my Mommy’s sanity!I have been healthy and happy for 10 months now. I enjoy playing with my racquetball and all of my stuffed babies. I also like going to the park, as you can tell by the pictures. I hope I never have to go through any pain again, but I know with all of the things that Mommy has learned from Dodgerslist, she will be more prepared to handle what may come!

Rhonda Allen

10 lb mini-dachshund, 6 yrs old.  Rescued from an abusive home in which he suffered back injury as a result of being kicked off a deck.  He was in the home for 8 months after the injury and did not have any corrective surgery.  He was turned over to DRNA and received surgery at approximately 10 months post injury.  Willie came to us in October 2002 and he was about 1 month post surgery.

Willie is incontinent, but does have spincter tone.  He is on a potty schedule and does well.  He wears a diaper because he bounces around and frequently stimulates his bladder.  In the past month Willie has improved in standing and is now walking some when on a good surface in which he gets traction.  We do daily therapy to encourage walking.


Janice Adams

Princess has been seen by her regular vet today and given another 100% recovery standing.  I am so excited.  Since we went from less than 50% chance to a full recovery...WOO HOO!!  Princess is not letting anything get in her way.  She walks almost perfect.....just a little weakness in her back left leg.  She runs and not her hop hop run.  It is a true doxie run.  And she has never given up.  Princess is the most tenacious little thing I have ever seen.  God Bless her and the wonderful vets/neurosurgeon that aided in her recovery.


<--------- Princess with Dr. Dudley, her neurosurgeon




Yolanda McIntyre

Riley is a handsome red boy that had the bad luck of having his back go down not once but twice.   In 2001 he was down in the back for a while and recovered with extensive carting and medicines.  In the winter of 2002 he went down again and again was treated with crating, medicine, water therapy and physical therapy.   Today he still has a week back leg but is making wonderful strides to being up on his own again.   Riley is determined to run and play on all four legs.  Riley was recently adopted to a wonderful family in Philadelphia, PA


Yolanda McIntrye

FARFEL is a fiesty young boy of 3 who loved to jump on and off furniture.  One day last august he injured  his back and needed surgery.   Farfel's surgery was not 100% and his family placed him in rescue,.  Since last December he has been undergoing water therapy and acupuncture.   Today he can stand and take a few wobbly step.  He still has a long ways to go but is a very determined fellow.


Now three years after surgery, with water therapy, acupuncture, and sheer determination Farfel is walking.  Farfel wants to tell all of you to "never give up". 

Dodgerslist would like to Dr. Bryon, Ferry Farm Animal Clinic in Fredericksburg, VA and Dr. D. Grissom, Caroline Animal Hospital, Caroline VA for helping Farfel to recover.




Yolanda McIntyre

Sir Skipper sure is one lucky boy that had a rough start in life.  Due to a family situation he was turned into a local shelter where he was attacked by a larger dog, resulting in a back injury.   He was treated with crating/medicine and turned over to rescue.   Sir Skippy was taken for an evaluation where it was determined that he was a prime candidate for acupuncture treatment to alleviate his injury and pain.  It worked and today he is romping in a new adoptive home with 5 human brothers and sisters.

Dodgerslist would like to thank Drs Bryon & Hartigan, Ferry Farm Animal Clinic, Fredericksburg, VA for helping Sir Skipper to recover.

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