Emergency Nerve Damage Info


Hours Matter In Attending To Nerve Damage

Steroid or non-steroid to reduce swelling. Pain meds to provide relief and comfort during healing time while swelling takes 7-30 days to go away.

Recovery suite limits disc and nerve damage. Anti-inflammatory drug resolves painful swelling in 7-30 days. Pain drugs provide relief in about one hour.

Limiting Nerve Damage

Hours matter with first sign of any nerve damage to get vet help. Nerve damage causes loss of neuro function, legs wobbly, paralyzed, etc. Quick owner action to immediately crate their dog at first suspicion of a disc episode can help to prevent nerve damage.  Crating limits movement of the neck and back. Reducing pressure of moving vertebrae to a suspected bad disc is to prevent the disc from tearing and causing severe spinal cord damage.

How a disc damages the spinal cord

Hours matter with spinal cord damage 

Take quick action to get your dog to the vet for a confirmed diagnosis and starting meds. The right diagnosis and the right medications just as soon as possible means protection for the spinal cord with IVDD! The sooner medications are on board the sooner healing can get underway, pain be brought under control and deterioration of neuro functions be avoided. For the trip to the vet, roll up a blanket to stabilize your dog’s spine in his crate during braking and coming to stops.

Classes of anti-inflammatory drugs: Steroid or non-steroid

Either a steroid or a non-steroid (NSAID) would be prescribed. Expect swelling/inflammation reduction in the spinal cord may take anywhere from 7-30 days before it has been resolved. Your vet will also prescribe pain meds to provide round the clock comfort from pain until it has been proved all inflammation is gone.

Steroids vs. non-steroid (NSAIDS)

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