Acupuncture-Laser Therapies


Laser light therapy, acupuncture, and electro-acupuncture can be very beneficial in assisting with re-establishment of nerve connections in the body. These therapies can aid in kick-starting the body to self-repair nerves.  


Laser light therapy is contra-indicated with tumors. X-rays are used to rule out other diseases that can mimic a disc problem such as tumor, fracture, etc.

— During conservative treatment, any time out of the recovery suite is a dangerous time for the healing disc because there has been no surgical removal of misplaced disc material. When using conservative treatment which requires strict restriction of movement of the spine, the benefits of acupuncture/laser treatments must be weighed against the risk of transport, particularly when IVDD symptoms are mild, such as wobbly walking or knuckling, or when transporting a large dog that cannot be lifted.  Sometimes, therapists who administer treatment via house calls can be found.

The most important aspect of conservative therapy for a disc episode

The most important aspect is cage rest. For the disk to extrude, the annulus must tear. The annulus is a ligament. So, just like a sprained ankle will often heal if you stay off it, the annulus can heal if we  minimize the stress on the ligament. There is no medication that will speed this up. Medication treats only the symptoms, i.e., the pain.   Acute IVDD treatment. William B. Thomas, DVM, DACVIM

With more severe neurological damage, these therapies work best when given together rather than separately.  With more severe paralysis, electro-acupuncture can be very effective.

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