Keep back horizontal- lifting, carrying, pet carriers


Lift and carry to support the back

Protect the IVDD back by keeping the spine horizontal to the ground. Prematurely aging discs can be compressed, when the back is vertical. Pick up your dog by supporting both ends and keeping the back horizontal to the ground,

Safest for our IVDD discs

Easy – Peasy to remember
Back horizontal to the ground

Protect your own back while correctly lifting and carrying your dog

Bend your hips and knees to squat down to your dog. Keep him close to your body, and straighten your legs to  lift.

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Protect the IVDD back – Carry your dog with the back horizontal to the ground and both ends supported.

A secure way to lift and carry the wriggly dog.

Bewildered by products sold? What others recommend for your IVDD dog?

Simply remember:  keep the back horizontal to the ground! The spine, the back, when horizontal to the ground is ergonomically safer for the disc. When the spine is in a vertical position, there are damaging compression and forces. The discs bear the major brunt.  The horizontal pet carrier shows the correct principals to protect the IVDD back with the dog’s back in a horizontal to the ground position.

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