Pet strollers after graduation


Pet strollers

Dogs still on post-op or conservative rest indoor cautions

While pet strollers can be a good thing for us humans and dogs alike during STRICT rest, use with caution and certain restrictions indoors. Only use the stroller indoors when you are there to supervise. Make sure the zipper mesh closure can’t be  opened by your dog. Indoor use is  helpful in keeping  your dog near your side as  you move room to room. Many dogs also like being up higher to see all of their home better.  Indoor use during the conservative medical management phase of 8 weeks or for post-op IVDD dogs on 6 weeks of crate rest can be very helpful for anxious dogs who do not like to be left alone in one room. Learn more:

After graduation from post-op or conservative STRICT rest.

Strollers can be used outdoors for pets who tire easily.

Cautions for the outdoor pet stroller:

  1. Choose a stroller with larger wheels to provide a smoother ride over cracks in the sidewalk or other uneven paths.
  2. Never leave a dog unattended in a stroller. They are crafty, sly, and yes – talented and skilled! They can nose open the zippered mesh closure and escape. Secure the zipper handles with a twist tie. Unattended, they may decide to get rambunctious and inadvertently tip the stroller over.
  3. Make sure the interior of the stroller is large enough for the dog to fully and comfortably stretch his legs. Measure your dog from nose to tail and then add about 6 inches more. Compare the dimension you get with that of the stroller’s interior dimensions. Be careful and make sure you are reading  interior   dimensions and you are sure which of the measurements are the length, width, and height. Usually the largest dimension is the height not length.


  1. The larger the wheels, the sturdier the stroller will be, the easier it is to push over various terrains, and it will provide a more comfortable and stable ride.
  2. Consider the terrain you’ll be strolling over, the bigger the wheels the better it will handle going over a threshold or navigating the board spacing on your deck.

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