Discharge Day List of Questions


Questions to ask

Recommended disc disease (IVDD) questions upon discharge

5x1 clear pix Once home, what symptoms might indicate that something is wrong with my dog’s healing process?
What actions should I take if something goes wrong while healing at home. (Who to call, phone #, where to go, what to do).
What can I expect for follow-up communications with your clinic and for how many days? Do you or the vet tech call, do I call and if so, who & phone number?
What drugs will my dog be coming home with? Will you provide a pain medication RX? What are my options to change the dose up or down if needed? Sedative if necessary for calmness during crate rest? An acid suppressor such as Pepcid AC® (famotidine) if prescribing either a NSAID or a steroid?
Please go over all meds prescribed and the purpose of each and any adverse side effects & what action I should take if any of the side effects occur. Also, how soon after taking each can I expect them to take effect. (Ask for an information sheet for each medication.)
How long is too long to wait for a bowel movement? What action should I take?
What is post-op or conservative medical treatment regarding STRICT rest confinement and any appropriate physical therapy?
If my dog can’t urinate on his own, what number/person would I call prior to arrival to confirm my dog has had water 1-2 hours before the lesson on expressing? If I need another hands-on lesson, who do I call? Is there a charge? Reminder: I will benefit more from the lesson by reading the Dodgerslist article and viewing the video in advance: https://dodgerslist.com/2020/05/05/bladder-bowel-care/ To receive the best demo, have them place their hands over mine, guiding mine to feel the proper placement and pressure to apply.

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